Arcadian Car Park, Birmingham

Parking at Arcadian Car Park in Birmingham

Arcadian car park is a multi-story car park located in the centre of Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter. The car park has over 400 parking spaces, making it a convenient option for visitors to the area.

The car park has 24-hour CCTV coverage and also lifts available for visitors to use to access different levels of the car park.

Arcadian car park is a good option for visitors to Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter who need a convenient and secure place to park their car.

Arcadian Car Park address

Address: The Arcadian Centre, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD

Cost to park at Arcadian Car Park

Parking at Arcadian Car Park in Birmingham is one of the most affordable options, whether you’re visiting the city for a spot of shopping or to catch a show at the theatre.

You can also park your car at Arcadian Car Park for a 24 hour period, so if you are staying in the city overnight, it is an affordable option and can often be cheaper than on-site hotel car parks.

Up to 1 hour£3.50
Up to 3 hours£6.50
Up to 5 hours£7.50
Up to 8 hours£12.00
Up to 10 hours£15.00
Up to 12 hours£17.50
Up to 24 hours£20.00
Theatre Rate (5pm – 2am)£7.50
Arcadian Car Park Pricing

There’s multiple payment methods when parking at Arcadian Car Park, including cash, card and phone.

Arcadian Car Park spaces

It has a total of 508 parking spaces, including designated spaces for disabled visitors and parent and child parking.

Electric charge points

Arcadian car park in Birmingham offers electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities for visitors. The car park has several EV charging stations available, located on the ground floor near the entrance/exit.

To use the EV charging stations, visitors will need to have an EV compatible charging cable and an account with the charging provider. The provider’s contact details will be displayed on the charging station.

There is an additional charge for using the EV charging stations, which will be separate from the parking fees. The exact cost will depend on the charging provider.

Arcadian car park provides convenient and accessible EV charging facilities for visitors who need to charge their electric vehicles while in Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter.

Disabled parking

Arcadian car park in Birmingham has designated accessible parking spaces located on each level of the car park, close to the elevators. These spaces are reserved for visitors with disabilities and are wider than standard parking spaces to allow for easier access to vehicles.

To use the accessible parking spaces, visitors must display a valid disabled parking permit or blue badge on their vehicle. The car park staff may ask to see the permit or badge to ensure that it is valid.

The car park also has lifts available for visitors to use to access different levels of the car park. These lifts are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Arcadian car park provides accessible parking options for visitors with disabilities, making it a convenient and inclusive option for those who require it.

Places close to Arcadian Car Park

Arcadian car park in Birmingham is located in the Chinese Quarter of the city center, which is a vibrant and popular area with many attractions and amenities nearby.

Some of the nearby attractions include:

  • The Arcadian centre – which features a range of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Birmingham Hippodrome – a theatre complex that hosts a variety of shows and performances throughout the year.
  • The Bullring shopping centre – one of the largest shopping centres in the UK, with over 200 stores and restaurants.
  • The O2 Academy Birmingham – a music venue that hosts concerts and events throughout the year.
  • Birmingham City Centre – which features a range of historic and cultural attractions, including Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Symphony Hall, and the Library of Birmingham.

Arcadian car park is a convenient option for visitors looking to explore the Chinese Quarter and the wider city centre of Birmingham.

How to get to Arcadian Car Park

To drive to Arcadian car park in Birmingham, visitors should follow the A38 or A41 into the city center. Once in the city center, follow signs for the Chinese Quarter or the Arcadian center. The car park is located at 41 Bromsgrove St, Birmingham B5 6NU, United Kingdom.

Please note that the city centre of Birmingham can be busy, especially during peak times, and traffic can be slow moving. Visitors should allow plenty of time for travel.

Additionally, some roads in the city centre have specific driving restrictions or are pedestrian-only areas. Visitors should pay attention to signs and road markings to avoid these areas.