Cheapest Parking Manchester Airport

When it comes to searching for parking at Manchester Airport, there are so many things to consider. How far is it to the terminal? Will you be able to keep hold of your car keys? Will your car be safe whilst you are away?

More often than not, we aim to find the cheapest option, especially if you aren’t too bothered whether you are directly outside the terminal door or not.

Parking at Manchester Airport can become expensive, which is why we’ve put together this guide for the cheapest parking at Manchester Airport.

Cheapest On-Site Car Park at Manchester Airport

After all our research, and we have done a lot (!), we’ve found the cheapest on-site car park at Manchester Airport to be Regus Car Park located on Aviator Way, Manchester.

We’ve also personally booked and used this car park so we can provide an honest and truthful review ourselves.

Manchester Airport Cheapest Car Park Pricing

Hourly£2.50Book Now
24 hours£12.00Book Now
3 nights£36.00Book Now
5 nights£60.00Book Now
7 nights£84.00Book Now
10 nights£120.00Book Now
14 nights£168.00Book Now
21 nights£252.00Book Now

These prices are reflective of entering at 8am and exiting at 8pm, so pricing may be slightly cheaper if you arrive later/exit earlier.

About Regus Car Park

Regus Car Park is owned by Regus so you can be sure that the car park is secure and no-one will have access to your car whilst you are away.

The car park is open air rather than a multi-storey, but it is located behind the office buildings so not in view of the main roads.

How to book Manchester Airport’s Cheapest Car Park

Booking the cheapest parking at Manchester Airport is quick and easy, using your mobile device or your computer.

Simply navigate to Your Parking Space or click the button above before following these instructions:

  • Click Book Now Securely
  • Switch from Monthly to Hourly
  • Enter your preferred date and time (we recommend adding on an additional 2 hours after your landing time to give you chance get through baggage claim and over to the car park)
  • Once the price is shown, click Book Now Securely
  • Enter your vehicle details for the ANPR camera
  • Checkout using your preferred payment method

How to access Regus Car Park

Accessing the cheapest car park at Manchester Airport is easy and stress free. If you head in from the M56, it is located just 1 minute from the motorway, with just a few sets of traffic lights to navigate.

The sat nav postcode will take you directly to the car park and you will also receive in depth instructions when you book the car park.

Address: 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester, M22 5TG

As you reach the entrance, bear left until you find a ramp leading up to the car park ( you will notice Your Parking Space visitor parking signage).

You can find any available space as the ANPR cameras will recognise the registration number you entered during your booking.

Getting to Manchester Airport Terminals

If you decide to opt for Manchester Airport’s cheapest on-site car park, you might want to know how to get to the terminals before you commit to the booking.

You’ll be pleased to know that getting to Manchester Airport terminals is easy and completely safe – there’s footpaths and pedestrian crossings allowing you to navigate across to the terminal.

Terminals 1 & 2 – Regus Car Park is exactly 1 mile away from terminals 1 & 2 so should take no longer than 20 minutes to reach but bear in mind, you are already on the terminal grounds so there’s plenty of footpaths and crossings to use. It should take the average adult between 5 – 7 minutes to reach Manchester Airport bus & coach station and then the rest of the journey is navigating through the bus station (lifts are available) and across the walkway into departures.

Terminal 3 – Walking to terminal 3 should only take 13 minutes from your car right to the departures area as it’s only 0.6 miles. As you’re parking on the terminal grounds, there’s footpaths and pedestrian crossings the whole way over to terminal 3.

Affiliate disclaimer – if you book this car park through our referral link, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.