Free Parking in Colchester

Free Parking in Colchester

If you are visiting Colchester either for a day of shopping or to meet up with friends or family, we will show you where to park without restrictions.

4 places to park for free in Colchester (2024)

You can park for free in Colchester on the following streets near to the city centre:

Bristol Road
Audley Road
Capel Road
Irvine Road

What to know about parking free in Colchester

When parking, please take into consideration:

  • Be considerate – most free parking is on residential streets, so do not block driveways or exit routes
  • Ensure there is enough space for larger vehicles to pass, especially if you park in a residential area

Cheapest all-day parking in Colchester

We found the cheapest car park in Colchester to be Asda, Colchester car park, which can be pre-booked even if you are not a customer.

You book this car park all day (9am – 5pm) for just £4.50, so it’s a great option for commuters or those visiting Colchester for the full day.

Cheapest monthly parking in Colchester

We found the cheapest car park for monthly parking in Colchester to be Premier Inn Colchester car park, which costs £100 per month, making it ideal for commuters.

You can use this car park 7 days a week, including overnight, and leave and re-enter the car park as many times as you need to, although you must pre-book.

Free car parks in Colchester

There are unfortunately no free car parks in Colchester town centre, but the following car parks in Colchester cost just 90p per hour to park overnight between 6pm and 6am:

Car ParkSpaces
Sheepen Road54
Napier Road North85
Vineyard Street Car Park101

Free on-street parking in Colchester

Some residential streets in Colchester are free to park all-day Sunday and after 6pm daily. These streets include Creffield Road, Wellesley Road, Oxford Road and Salisbury Avenue.

Free motorcycle parking in Colchester

Motorcycles and mopeds are permitted to park free of charge in the following car parks in and around Colchester, providing you use the dedicated bays:

Car Park
Vineyard Street Car Park
Sheepen Road Car Park

Free disabled parking in Colchester

If you are a Blue Badge holder, you can park for free for 3 hours at the following car parks in and around Colchester:

Car ParkDisabled SpacesFree Parking
Vineyard Street Car Park53 hours
St Mary’s Car Park83 hours
Britannia Car Park93 hours
Priory Street Car Park73 hours
Sheepen Road Car ParkNo dedicated bays3 hours
St John’s143 hours

Coach parking in Colchester

If you are travelling to Colchester by coach, you can park for free in one of the two coach bays at nearby Mill Lane Car and Coach Park in Dedham which is around 8.5 miles away from the town centre.

Alternatively, Sheepen Road Lorry Park is suitable for vehicles over 2,000kg and the following charges apply:

  • Up to 6 hours – £5.50
  • Up to 12 hours – £10.00

Permit parking in Colchester

If you are a resident of a restricted parking zone in Colchester, you can apply for a residents parking permit, which allows you to park your car on any street in that zone. 

Residents permits cost around £68 for 12 months depending on the street you reside. In order to apply for a permit, you will need proof of residence and proof of vehicle.

Visitor passes can also be purchased for around £12.50.

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Information was last updated on June 10th, 2024