Free Parking in Sheffield

Free Parking in Sheffield

If you are familiar with Sheffield, you will know that parking, and most definitely free parking in Sheffield, can be a little frustrating, especially if you want to be close to the city centre, so we show you the best options for free parking in Sheffield without restrictions.

3 places to park for free in Sheffield (2024)

The following streets offer un-restricted FREE parking spots in Sheffield:

Broomgrove Road
Clarkegrove Road
Oakholme Road

You should always check for any newly installed restriction signs before leaving your car.

What to consider when parking free in Sheffield

When parking, please be considerate of others:

  • Ensure you don’t block any driveways
  • Tuck your car as close to the kerb as possible.
  • Don’t double park as you may be parked on a bus route

Free car parks in Sheffield

You can park for free in Sheffield between 6.30pm and 9.30am at the following car parks:

  • Graves Park
  • Millhouses Park
  • Workhouse Lane
  • Hillsborough Parkside Road

Free on-street parking in Sheffield

Between the hours of 8.30pm – 8am, you can park for free in Sheffield in both Central Zone 1 and Central Zone 2:

Central Zone 1

  • Matilda Way
  • Charter Row
  • Pinstone Street
  • Norfolk Way
  • Leopold Street
  • Bailey Street
  • York Street

Central Zone 2

  • Tenter Street
  • West Bar
  • Bridge Street
  • Nursery Street

Free overnight parking in Sheffield

For free overnight parking in Sheffield, you can park in the following council run car parks between 8.30pm and 8am:

Car ParkAddressSpacesFree Parking
Rockingham Street Car ParkS1 4EB508.30pm – 8am
Carver Lane Car ParkS1 4FS658.30pm – 8am
Silver Street Car ParkS1 2DD128.30pm – 8am

If you’d prefer to park in an on-street parking bay, you can park for free in Sheffield at the following locations between 8.30pm – 8am:

On Street LocationFree Parking
Central Zone 18.30pm – 8am
Central Zone 28.30pm – 8am

Sheffield Park & Ride Sites

Sheffield has 7 park and ride sites in and around the city, allowing you to take advantage of the free parking and simply purchase a tram ticket to your final destination.

Some stations do charge for parking, but prices are displayed below.

Park and Ride SiteAddressSpacesParking Price
Halfway Park & RideS20 3GW190Free
Ikea Sheffield Park & RideS9 2YL167Free
Malin Bridge Park & RideS6 4JR104Free
Meadowhall Park & RideS9 1JQ328Free
Middlewood Park & RideS6 1TQ343Free
Nunnery Square Park & RideS2 5DH377Free

Cheapest all-day parking in Sheffield

We found the cheapest car park in Sheffield to be Premier Inn, Sheffield car park, which you can book even if you are not staying at the hotel – but it must be pre-booked.

You book this car park all day (9am – 5pm) for just £5, so it’s a great option for commuters or those visiting Sheffield for the full day.

Cheapest monthly parking in Sheffield

We found the cheapest car park for monthly parking in Sheffield to be Milton Street Car Park, which costs £75 per month, making it ideal for commuters.

You can use this car park 7 days a week, including overnight, and leave and re-enter the car park as many times as you need to, although you must pre-book.

Coach parking in Sheffield

The most suitable drop-off point in Sheffield is Pond Hill, just by Ponds Forge in the City Centre. Meadowhall Shopping Centre has coach parking and is a tram ride into the city centre.

Residential parking in Sheffield

If you are a resident in Sheffield where permits are required, you can apply for a residents parking permit.

In order to apply, you will need to prove you are a resident, so will be required to provide proof of address and proof of vehicle. Prices start at £51.40 for one year, but pricing depends on your zone.

About Sheffield, UK

Coined the ‘steel city’, Sheffield boomed during the industrial revolution and it’s clear to see just by looking at the City skyline today.

The 4th largest city in England, Sheffield is home to a well respected university, a host of independent eateries and a vibrant music scene, making it one of the most cultures cities in the UK. 

Sheffield itself is never far away from green space, with a wide range of cycle trails, stunning parks and of course, the Peak District National Park on its doorstep. In the heart of the city is Sheffield’s Winter Garden, the largest urban glasshouse in Europe.

Other towns and cities nearby

If you’re visiting the area for a short trip or just looking for things to do nearby, you can explore these towns and cities that are near to Sheffield:

About the Author

Hi, my name is Amber and I’m here to help find you suitable free parking in towns and cities across the UK.

When I visit new towns and cities, I always take note of where you can (legally) park for free, whether this be on-street parking bays or council run car parks, which offer free parking during certain hours of the day.

Although I take every effort to ensure this information is up to date and correct, if you notice an issue, please get in touch so I can rectify it for everyone.


Information was last updated on May 15th, 2024