Free Parking Midlands Cities

If you’re visiting towns across the Midlands, we show you where to park for free, so you can spend more money supporting local businesses instead. Whether you’re visiting the popular city of Birmingham or historical Lincoln, there’s free parking spots available for all.


Planning a trip to the Midlands and wondering where to find free parking? We have uncovered the best spots to discover free parking in Midlands cities, whether you need car parking, on-street parking, disabled parking, or evening parking options.

Finding Free Car Parking

Similar to other cities, the Midlands’ residential areas often hide free parking gems. Keep an eye out for unrestricted on-street parking in neighbourhoods, especially during non-peak hours.

Consider utilising Park and Ride facilities when visiting Midlands cities. These locations allow you to park your car on the outskirts and easily access your destination via public transportation.

Many shopping centres in the Midlands offer complimentary parking for shoppers. Enjoy a day of shopping without worrying about parking fees.

Information was last updated on October 9th, 2023