Manchester Park and Ride

When visiting Manchester, if you manage to battle through the traffic, finding cheap parking close to the city centre is not an easy feat, which is why we’re a real advocate for park and ride. This allows you to park outside of the city centre free of charge and hop on the local bus service into the city.

How many park and ride sites are there in Manchester

There are 24 park and ride site in Manchester with direct tram into the city, 4 park and ride sites with direct bus routes and 51 park and ride sites with direct train access.

Park & Ride SiteTransportOpening TimesSpacesPostcode
Altrincham RailRail24 hours45WA14 1EN
Appley Bridge RailRail24 hours15WN6 9AE
Ashton Moss MetrolinkTram5am – 1am183OL6 7UB
Ashton West MetrolinkTram5am – 1am184OL7 0PG
Ashton-Under-LyneRail24 hours35OL6 6JP
Atherton RailRail24 hours70M46 9RH
Besses o’ th’ Barn MetrolinkTram5am – 1am9M45 6TQ
Blackrod RailRail24 hours72BL6 5JH
Bredbury RailRail24 hours100SK6 2AA
Broadbottom RailRail24 hours100SK14 6AX
Bromley Cross RailRail24 hours71BL7 9PZ
Brooklands MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
84M33 3SS
Bury MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
96BL9 0AY
Castleton RailRail24 hours10OL11 3EB
Cheadle Hulme RailRail24 hours100SK8 5AS
Crumpsall MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
43M8 5EB
Daisy Hill RailRail24 hours90BL5 2JA
Derker MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
235OL1 4DW
Dinting RailRail24 hours25SK13 7EB
Disley RailRail24 hours25SK12 2AE
East Didsbury MetrolinkTram/Rail5am – 1am278M20 5NP
Eccles RailRail24 hours5M30 0DL
Flixton RailRail24 hours68M41 6JF
Freehold MetrolinkTram5am – 1am3OL9 7QG
Gathurst RailRail24 hours20WN5 0LW
Gatley RailRail24 hours50SK8 4PS
Glazebrook RailRail24 hours9WA3 5BA
Glossop RailRail24 hours10SK13 7DD
Greenfield RailRail24 hours90OL3 7JZ
Guide Bridge RailRail24 hours115M34 5BR
Guided Busway LeighBusMon – Fri: 4am – 00.50am
Saturday: 5.50am – 00.50am
Sunday: 6.30am – 00.50am
131WN7 1BP
Guided Busway TyldesleyBusMon – Fri: 4.10am – 00.45am
Saturday: 6.00am – 00.45am
Sunday: 6.40am – 00.50am
46M29 8HG
Guided Busway WardleyBusMon – Fri: 4.20am – 00.30am
Saturday: 6.10am – 00.30am
Sunday: 6.50am – 00.30am
259M28 2TH
Hattersley RailRail24 hours40SK14 3LQ
Hazel Grove RailRail24 hours407SK7 4EX
Hazel GroveBus6.00am – 12am400SK7 6AF
Heald Green RailRail24 hours14SK8 3QH
Heaton Park MetrolinkTram5am – 1am8M25 1JE
Hindley RailRail24 hours50WN2 2QJ
Hollinwood MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
178OL9 7LG
Horwich Parkway RailRail24 hours259BL6 6LB
Hyde Central RailRail24 hours20SK14 1BJ
Hyde North RailRail24 hours15SK16 5RH
Irlam RailRail24 hours66M44 5AB
Kearsley RailRail24 hours30BL4 8DU
Ladywell MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
332M50 1AW
Levenshulme RailRail24 hours40M19 3BF
Littleborough RailRail24 hours36OL15 8DE
Lostock RailRail24 hours230BL6 4JP
Marple RailRail24 hours253SK6 7DB
Mauldeth Road RailRail24 hours20M14 6SE
Mills Hill RailRail24 hours30OL1 2TG
Milnrow MetrolinkTram5am – 1am16OL16 3LS
Mossley RailRail24 hours20OL5 0AA
Navigation Road Metrolink Tram/RailMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
66WA14 1LH
Navigation Road Rail Park and RideRail24 hours81WA14 1LH
New Mills Newtown RailRail24 hours50SK22 3JN
Newton for Hyde RailRail24 hours6SK14 2JE
Oldham Mumps MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
238OL1 3TZ
Parkway MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
341M17 1QR
Prestwich MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
31M25 1BR
Radcliffe MetrolinkTramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
480M26 2SZ
Reddish North RailRail24 hours20SK5 6RL
Rochdale Railway Station Metrolink Tram/RailMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
202OL11 1JL
Rose Hill Marple RailRail24 hours58SK6 6EE
Sale MetrolinkTram5am – 1am27M33 2AE
Sale Water Park Metrolink Tram5am – 1am285M33 2LX
Shaw and Crompton Metrolink TramMon – Fri: 5am – 1am
Weekend: 24 hours
86OL2 8UY
Smithy Bridge RailRail24 hours42OL15 0DZ
Stalybridge RailRail24 hours12SK15 1RF
Stretford MetrolinkTram5am – 1am37M32 8HW
Urmston RailRail24 hours6M41 9SB
Westhoughton RailRail24 hours58BL5 3NG
Whitefield MetrolinkTram5am – 1am208M45 6QA
Wigan North Western RailRail24 hours280WN1 1BA
Woodley RailRail24 hours5SK6 1PR

Cost to park at park and ride sites in Manchester

Parking at Manchester park and ride sites is free of charge, providing you use the local tram, bus or rail service to get into the city:

Park & Ride SiteParking Charge
Altrincham RailFree
Appley Bridge RailFree
Ashton Moss MetrolinkFree
Ashton West MetrolinkFree
Atherton RailFree
Besses o’ th’ Barn MetrolinkFree
Blackrod RailFree
Bredbury RailFree
Broadbottom RailFree
Bromley Cross RailFree
Brooklands MetrolinkFree
Bury MetrolinkFree
Castleton RailFree
Cheadle Hulme RailFree
Crumpsall MetrolinkFree
Daisy Hill RailFree
Derker MetrolinkFree
Dinting RailFree
Disley RailFree
East Didsbury MetrolinkFree
Eccles RailFree
Flixton RailFree
Freehold MetrolinkFree
Gathurst RailFree
Gatley RailFree
Glazebrook RailFree
Glossop RailFree
Greenfield RailFree
Guide Bridge RailFree
Guided Busway LeighFree
Guided TyldesleyFree
Guided Busway WardleyFree
Hattersley RailFree
Hazel Grove RailFree
Hazel GroveFree
Heald Green RailFree
Heaton Park MetrolinkFree
Hindley RailFree
Hollinwood MetrolinkFree
Horwich Parkway RailFree
Hyde Central RailFree
Hyde North RailFree
Irlam RailFree
Kearsley RailFree
Ladywell MetrolinkFree
Levenshulme RailFree
Littleborough RailFree
Lostock RailFree
Marple RailFree
Mauldeth Road RailFree
Mills Hill RailFree
Milnrow MetrolinkFree
Mossley RailFree
Navigation Road Metrolink Free
New Mills Newtown RailFree
Newton for Hyde RailFree
Oldham Mumps MetrolinkFree
Parkway MetrolinkFree
Prestwich MetrolinkFree
Radcliffe MetrolinkFree
Reddish North RailFree
Rochdale Railway Station Metrolink Free
Rose Hill Marple RailFree
Sale MetrolinkFree
Sale Water Park Metrolink Free
Shaw and Crompton Metrolink Free
Smithy Bridge RailFree
Stalybridge RailFree
Stretford MetrolinkFree
Urmston RailFree
Westhoughton RailFree
Whitefield MetrolinkFree
Wigan North Western RailFree
Wigan Wallgate RailFree
Woodley RailFree

Manchester park and ride ticket prices 2024

The cost to get from Manchester park and ride sites into the city centre will depend on the park and ride site and what mode of transport you use.

2024 ticket prices for the park and ride service into Manchester city centre is as follows:


Ticket TypeZonePrice
Adult Single1£1.40
Adult Single2£2.80
Adult Single3£3.80
Adult Single4£4.60
Adult Day1£2.70
Adult Day2£4.30
Adult Day3£6.10
Adult Day4£7.10
Manchester park and ride tram prices

Members of the Armed Forces who hold a MOD90 card can travel free on the tram at off-peak times.


Ticket TypePrice
Adult Single£2.00
Adult Day£5.00
Manchester park and ride bus prices


Train ticket prices will fluctuate depending on which park and ride site you use. As an example, getting from Altrincham to Manchester Piccadilly will cost around £5.40 for a day return on the train.

Overnight parking at Manchester park and ride sites

Overnight parking is permitted at some of Manchester’s park and ride sites, but not all. Free overnight parking is available on Friday’s and Saturday’s at most Metrolink park and ride sites, including Prestwich, Navigation Road and Hollinwood.

The table at the top of this page will show whether Metrolink park and ride sites are open 24 hours on a weekend.