Parking for Etihad Stadium

Where to park for Etihad Stadium

When visiting the Etihad Stadium either to watch a football match or to visit the home of Manchester City FC, it can be difficult to know what parking option to choose.

Do you park on-site? Do you park nearby and save money? Or do you find a free parking spot and walk to the stadium from there?

Although there are plenty of transport links, it might be easier to drive, especially if you are from outside of the area so you should know exactly what options are available when parking near the Etihad Stadium.

On-site parking at Etihad Stadium

The most convenient option is parking directly on-site at the Etihad Stadium, although it might not be the most stress free option as you will likely be stuck in traffic leaving the stadium.

The on-site car park is a pay and display car park. 2024 costs are:

OptionParking Charge 2024
2 occupants or more£8.00
Single occupancy£10.00

Cheap parking near Etihad Stadium

If you don’t fancy paying the on-site parking charges or you aren’t too keen on sitting in the stadium traffic that all piles out at the same time, why not consider a cheap car park close by?

There are plenty of car parks that can be pre-booked that won’t break the bank, although a short walk to the stadium will be required.

Car ParkPricing (2pm – 6pm)Book
Asda Eastlands£6.00Book Now

Rent a driveway near Etihad Stadium

Another option to keep costs down is to rent a driveway close to Etihad Stadium, which can cost as little as £3.90 to park between 2pm and 6pm. You can browse the driveway options here.

Free parking near Etihad Stadium

Although parking on-site costs from just £8 to park, you may want to save money by parking for free near the Etihad Stadium.

Free parking isn’t as close to the stadium as the on-site parking option would be, but the short walk means you don’t need to sit in stadium traffic after the match.

You can park for free near Etihad Stadium on Riverpark Road, which is just a 17 minute walk from the venue itself.

Free parking at Manchester park and ride sites

If you don’t fancy a long walk, but still want to take advantage of free parking when visiting the Etihad Stadium, you can use one of the convenient park and ride (tram) stations that offer free parking.

The two closest tram stations to the Etihad Stadium – Velopark and Etihad Campus, are located in Zone 2, so if you park at a tram station in Zone 3 which offers free parking, you will pay just £3.50 for a return ticket (2024 pricing) to either of the tram stops near to the Etihad Stadium.

The following tram stations are located in Zone 3:

  • Ashton Moss park and ride
  • Ashton West park and ride
  • Parkway park and ride