Parking in London – The Ultimate Guide

Parking in London – The Ultimate Guide

Parking in London

Looking for parking in London? Brace yourselves, as this guide will be covering every option so you can take the stress away of finding parking in London…

When we think of London, we might automatically think of Central London, the hub of the South, the home to Westminster Abbey and the place where you can shop ‘til you drop, but there’s so much more to the capital than first meets the eye.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to park, how to find free parking and show you the cheapest parking options in and around London. 

Parking in London – everything you need to know

Ok, let’s get straight into it. If you’re visiting London by car, whether that’s for work, an event or you are arranging to see friends or family, you will want to arrange parking before you go to keep the trip as stress free as possible.

Marble Arch

London, in recent years, has made it incredibly difficult to drive and park in most central areas, partly to keep the city clean and safe for everyone. This has meant that visiting London can often be fraught with stress, especially if you’re new to the city itself.

Free Parking in London

You may be surprised to know that there are in fact plenty of free parking spots in and around London, it’s just knowing where they are. Free parking isn’t just about saving money and avoiding parking charges, but it does mean you have more money to spend with local businesses, whether it’s eating out or visiting independent shops.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff…

Free Parking in Battersea

Battersea is a popular London borough on the South side of the River Thames. Battersea Park is one of the focal points in the area, with a boating lake, plenty of green space and parks for children to enjoy. It is also home to Battersea Power Station and the well known Battersea Dogs Home.

Battersea is within walking distance of popular London attractions (if you’re fit and enjoy walking) such as London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Hyde Park, although there’s the option to jump on the tube directly into Central London which should only take between 12-14 minutes.

Battersea (park area)

  • Strasburg Road
  • Alfreda Street
  • Rawson Street
  • Ravenet Street
  • Francis Chichester Way
  • Charlotte Despard Avenue
  • Portslade Road

Free Parking in Clapham Junction (Cotton Row area)

  • George Potter Way
  • Yelverton Road
  • Holman Road
  • Gwynne Road
  • Mendip Road
  • Wynter Street

Free Parking in Croydon

  • Alton Road
  • Richmond Road
  • Beddington Farm Road

Free Parking in Ealing

Ealing is less central than other London Boroughs, but still a popular area, so finding free parking in Ealing can be difficult, however there are still plenty of options:

  • Argyle Road
  • Delamere Road
  • St Paul’s Close
  • Townholm Crescent

Free Parking in Greenwich

  • Willoughby Way
  • Riverside
  • Lombard Wall

Parking in Central London

If you absolutely must park in Central London, there are plenty of options available, meaning you can plan your journey long before you travel. This can take a lot of the stress away from travelling into Central London.

Houses of Parliament

Here, we’ll cover all the options available for parking in Central London, from on-street parking to renting driveways to save money.

London street parking options

Central London has plenty of on-street parking making it one of the most popular options, especially for those visiting for just a short period of time. On-street parking is available in plenty of areas across the City of London:


  • Chancery Lane
  • St Andrew’s Street
  • St Bride Street
  • Shoe Lane


  • Giltspur Street
  • West Smithfield
  • Smithfield Street
  • Long Lane
  • Fann Street
  • Brackley Street

Liverpool Street

  • Sun Street
  • Wilson Street
  • Arnold Street
  • Liverpool Street
  • Middlesex Street


  • Mitre Street
  • Creechurch Lane
  • Bury Street
  • Stoney Lane
  • Gravel Lane
  • Houndsditch
  • Harrow Place

Fenchurch Street

  • Muscovy Street
  • Savage Gardens
  • Pepys Street
  • Mark Lane
  • Crosswall
  • Portsoken Street

On-street parking charges (Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm)

Vehicle Typeper 15 minutesper hour
Electric or hydrogen or hybrid£1.10£4.40
Petrol vehicles registered from 2005£1.50£6.00
Diesel vehicles registered from 2015£1.50£6.00
Other vehicles £2.00£8.00

On-street parking charges Weekends and Bank Holidays

Saturday8am-11am£2 for any duration
SaturdayAfter 11amFree
SundayAll dayFree
Bank holidayAll dayFree

Where to find cheap parking in London

There’s a few options if you are looking for cheap parking in London:

Weekend parking

On-street parking is free on Saturdays (after 11am), Sundays and Bank Holidays (see above for on-street parking locations in the City of London). There is also a small charge of just £2 for parking before 11am on a Saturday.

Rent a driveway

A relatively new way to find cheap parking in London is to rent space on a driveway, particularly if you are looking to park long term. By using this method, you can find cheap parking in London from as little as £11 per day, a much more cost effective way than paying hourly rates.

Purchase a season ticket

If you commute into Central London regularly for work, you can save money by purchasing a season ticket. Season tickets mean you only have to purchase the ticket a couple of times a year as opposed to daily.

Where to find Blue Badge parking in London

Unlike other areas of the country where you may have a Blue Badge, the City of London does not fully support the Blue Badge scheme, instead they have their own Red Badge scheme. 

There are a number of spaces that do cater to those with disabilities or reduced mobility, but the Blue Badge must clearly be displayed. These spaces are free of charge for a maximum of 4 hours Monday to Friday (no limit on a Weekend) and can be found at the following locations:

  • Hosier Lane
  • Giltspur Street
  • West Smithfield
  • Shoe Lane
  • Bartholomew Close
  • Tudor Street
  • Temple Avenue
  • Salisbury Court
  • Dorset Rise

Red Badge holders can park in any on-street designated bay free of charge or on a single yellow line for a maximum of 30 minutes. Legal parking restrictions still apply, for example, no parking on a corner or directly outside a school.

Where to find motorcycle parking in London

There is plenty of motorcycle parking available in London, but it’s recommended that you use off-street car parks which offer free motorcycle parking in Central London.

  • Baynard House, EC4V 4BQ
  • London Wall (underground), ​EC2V 5DY
  • ​Minories, E1 8LP
  • Smithfield, ​EC1A 9DS
  • Tower Hill, ​EC3R 6DT

You must park in the designated motorcycle bays when using these car parks.

Safest bike parking in London

Cycling is fully encouraged in London, so parking your bike safely is not a stressful situation, it’s just knowing where the safest bike parking is in Central London. 

The following car parks allow free bike parking, as long as you place your bike in one of the designated bays:

  • Baynard House, EC4V 4BQ
  • London Wall (underground), ​EC2V 5DY
  • ​Minories, E1 8LP
  • Smithfield, ​EC1A 9DS
  • Tower Hill, ​EC3R 6DT

Alternatively, there are a wide range of cycle hangars which allow you to place your bike in safely, keeping it away from public view and also away from the elements.

London hotels with parking

If you’re visiting Central London, perhaps for a short break or a weekend away, you might want to know what hotels have parking available. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of hotels that offer parking: