Parking in York – The Ultimate Guide

Parking in York

Looking for parking in York? Buckle up, as this guide will be covering every option so you can take the stress away of finding parking in the wonderful historic city of York…

York is one of the most visited cities in the UK, welcoming over 7 million visitors a year, with people coming from all over the world to see the delights the city has to offer.

If you’re visiting York, either for a short break or to visit family, we’ll show you where to park, how to find free parking and show you the cheapest parking options in and around York. 

Parking in York – everything you need to know

Ok, let’s get straight into it. If you’re visiting York by car, you can expect it to be a little daunting at first, with a host of one way systems and road restrictions that you will be met with. Traffic is often deterred from driving inside the city walls, mainly to reduce pollution but also to allow for more pedestrian access.

York River Ouse
York River Ouse

Although there are no low emissions zones in York yet and parking close to the city centre is still viable, it’s good to know what parking options are available so you can find what’s best for you and your circumstances.

Let’s get straight to the good stuff…

Free Parking in York

You may be surprised to know that there are in fact plenty of free parking spots in and around York, but they are not widely publicised by tourist boards. Free parking isn’t just about saving money and avoiding parking charges, it means you have more money to spend with local businesses, whether it’s eating out or visiting independent shops.

Our handy free parking in York guide will cover the best places to park for free as well as linking to the route so you can download it straight onto your smartphone map app, but here’s a run down some of the free parking spots available in York:

  • Hospital Fields Road
  • Knavesmire Road
  • Hamilton Drive East
  • Bishopthorpe Road (Racecourse end)
  • Heslington Road
  • South Bank Avenue
  • Campleshon Road
  • Albemarle Road

Parking in York City Centre

If you’re wanting to park in the heart of York City Centre, we’ll cover the options below, whether you want on-street parking or a council run car park just a stones throw away from the action.

Council run car parks in York

Luckily, York does have a good amount of council run car parks within 5 minutes walk of York City Centre. It’s recommended you choose a car park based on how you will get to the city, as driving from one side of York to the other can take up to 1 hour during busy times:

From A64 Westbound – Nunnery Lane Car Park

If you’re travelling from the A64 Westbound (from A1 South or M62), leave the A64 at Askham Bar and take Tadcaster Road into York. When you reach the city centre, you will reach Micklegate Bar where you can turn left and you’ll find Nunnery Lane Car Park.

From A64 Eastbound – Foss Bank Car Park

When travelling in from the A64 Eastbound (Hull Road or Scarborough directions), you can leave the A64 at Grimston Bar junction and travel down Hull Road until you reach Walmgate Bar. Here, you can turn right onto Foss Islands Road and keep travelling until you reach a crossroads. Take the second exit and you’ll see the entrance to Foss Bank Car Park.

From A1 North – Marygate Car Park

If you’re travelling from the North, namely the A1 from Thirsk or Harrogate areas, you can simply travel down the A19/Shipton Road and just before you get to Bootham Bar, you’ll see a signpost for Marygate Car Park on the right.

Here, you can compare all public car parks in York, with pricing, spaces and payment types.

Car ParkAddressPaymentPrices
Bishopthorpe Road car parkBishopthorpe Road
YO23 1NA
Cash, RingGoUp to 1 hour – £0.50
Up to 2 hours – £1.20
Up to 3 hours – £3.00
After 6pm – Free
Coppergate Centre Car ParkPiccadilly
Cash, CardUp to 1 hour – £2.70
Up to 2 hours – £5.40
Up to 3 hours – £8.10
Up to 4 hours – £10.80
Up to 5 hours – £13.50
Over 5 hours – +£2.70 per hour
Evening – 6.00pm to 8.00pm – £3.00
Foss Bank car parkJewbury
YO31 7PL
Cash, Card, RingGoUp to 1 hour – £1.40
Up to 2 hours – £2.80
Up to 3 hours – £4.20
Up to 4 hours – £5.60
Up to 5 hours – £7.00
Over 5 hours – +£1.40 per hour
Moor Lane car parkMoor Lane
YO24 1LW
Cash, RingGo£4 per day
St George’s Field car park and coach parkCastle Mills Bridge
YO10 4AB
Cash, Card, RingGoCars
Up to 1 hour – £2.40
Up to 2 hours – £4.80
Up to 3 hours – £7.20
Up to 4 hours – £9.60
Up to 5 hours – £12.00
Over 5 hours – £13.50
Evening parking – £3.00

Up to 1 hour – £7.00
Up to 3 hours – £11.60
Over 3 hours – £14.00

On-Street Parking in York

York has a number of on-street parking spaces that are easily accessible to the city centre. There are two main areas that are suitable for day time parking, although parking over 2 hours is only permitted after 3pm.

The below parking charges are Mon-Sat 8am – 6pm and Sundays 1pm – 6pm.


Length of stayChargesMinster Badge HolderRingGo pay by phone
Up to 30 minutes50p50p50p
Up to 1 hour£1.00£1.00£1.00
1 to 2 hours£4.80£4.80£4.60
2 to 3 hours£7.20£7.20£6.90
Evening parking£3.00Free of charge£3.00

Foss Islands Road

Length of stayChargesMinster Badge HolderRingGo pay by phone
Up to 1 hour£2.40£2.40£2.30
1 to 2 hours£4.80£4.80£4.60
2 to 3 hours£7.20£7.20£6.90
Evening parking£3.00Free of charge£3.00

Evening on-street parking

If you’re parking up during the evening, you can use the on-street parking bays at the following locations between 6pm and 8am for just £3.

Parking locationRingGo location code
St Denys Road27754
The Stonebow27755

Motorhome and Minibus Parking in York

Motorhomes, minibuses and camper vans are permitted to park on Foss Islands Road as these bays are designed for larger vehicles (with up to 25 seats).

Where to find cheap parking in York

There’s a few options if you are looking for cheap parking in York:

Evening parking

On-street parking during the evening (after 6pm) costs just £3, providing you depart no later than 8am the next day.

Rent a driveway

A relatively new way to find cheap parking in York is to rent space on a driveway, particularly if you are looking to park long term. By using this method, you can find cheap parking in York from as little as £4 per day, a much more cost effective way than paying hourly rates.

Purchase a season ticket

If you commute into York City Centre regularly for work, you can save money by purchasing a season ticket. Season tickets mean you only have to purchase the ticket a couple of times a year as opposed to daily.

York Park & Ride sites

York has a number of park and ride sites all located within easy access of the outer ring road and the A64.

From A64 Westbound

The easiest park and ride to access from the A64 Westbound is Akham Bar. It’s located around 1 minute drive from the A64, so best suited to those who don’t want to park in the city centre.

From A64 Eastbound

You have two options if you’re travelling from the A64 Eastbound and they are Grimston Bar park & ride and Monks Cross park & ride.

From A1 North

Rawcliffe Bar park & ride is located just off the A1237 outer ring road with easy access to the A19 and A1 North. This area can get quite busy around rush hour so take that into consideration. Another option would be Poppleton Bar park & ride.

Where to find Blue Badge parking in York

Blue Badge parking is available at the follow council car park in and around York:

  • Castle Car Park – 31 bays
  • Coppergate Centre Car Park -12 bays (toilets)
  • St George’s Field – 6 bays (toilets)
  • Nunnery Lane Car Park – 11 bays (toilets)
  • Foss Bank Car Park – 4 bays
  • Monk Bar Car Park – 47 bays
  • Bootham Row Car Park – 13 bays
  • Marygate Car Park – 11 bays
  • Union Terrace Car Park – 13 bays (toilets)
  • Esplanade Car Park – 5 bays

Blue Badge holders can park in on-street bays free of charge, but those with single yellow lines are limited to 3 hours parking between 8am and 6pm (no restrictions overnight).

Where to find motorcycle parking in York

There is plenty of free motorcycle parking available in York, in both council run car parks and on-street.

The council car parks that offer motorcycle parking are:

  • Bootham Row car park
  • Esplanade car park
  • Foss Bank car park
  • Monk Bar car park
  • Nunnery Lane car park
  • Union Terrace car park

On-street motorcycle parking is available at the following locations:

  • Blossom Street (1 hour stay only)
  • Cumberland Street
  • Dennis Street
  • Piccadilly
  • Tanner’s Moat
  • York Road

You must park in the designated motorcycle bays when using these car parks.

Safest bike parking in York

Cycling is fully encouraged in York, so parking your bike safely is not a stressful situation, it’s just knowing where the safest bike parking is in York City Centre. 

There are over 1,000 designated bike parking spaces in and around York.

Secure cycle lockers are available at all 6 park & ride locations but they do have a charge involved.

York Park & ride sites:

  • Askham Bar
  • Designer Outlet
  • Grimston Bar
  • Monks Cross
  • Poppleton Bar
  • Rawcliffe Bar
Key deposit (refundable when you return your key)£15
Pay monthly£10
Pay for a full year (get 12 months for the price of 10)£100

York hotels with parking

If you’re visiting the historic city of York, perhaps for a short break or a weekend away, you might want to know what hotels have parking available. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of hotels that offer parking: