About the Author

Hi! My name is Amber and I absolutely love travelling (and saving money) which is a pretty ironic combination! This often means i’m passionate about saving the most money possible when it comes to arranging my next trip.

I’ve covered a few miles in the last couple of years, heading to USA, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Greece and Turkey (to name a few!). There’s still plenty of places I would love to tick off my bucket list, including Canada and Australia (I hate flying long haul so I must be a glutton for punishment).

As well as holidays abroad, I also enjoy visiting as much of the UK as possible, spending most of my time on fells, beaches or the water.

If you would like to get in touch, you can do so over on the contact page, or you can contact me over on social media.

The background of Free Parking Spots

During my lifelong challenge to save as much money as possible, one of the thing’s that has always been a part of me is that I refuse to pay hefty parking charges for the convenience of parking close to wherever I am going.

This is why, whenever I visit a new place, I always note down the places you can park for free, which is why I started Free Parking Spots – so I could share my knowledge with you!

Thank you to the lovely readers of freeparkingspots.co.uk, I have had the opportunity to visit each and every town and city listed on this website (over 100 in total!), allowing me to find the best free parking spots that are accessible to you.

This led me to think that there are likely to be others looking for free parking in towns and cities across the UK, as well as near popular visitor attractions which is how Free Parking Spots was born.

August 15, 2020

Free Parking Spots launched

I launched Free Parking Spots back in August 2020 after accumulating a good selection of free parking spots in my local area.

August 15, 2020
January 1, 2021

Finding New Locations

I made it a challenge in 2021 to visit every city and town in the UK to scout out free parking spots, which was only made possible thanks to my lovely readers.

January 1, 2021
March 10, 2021

Working with Partners

In March 2021, I started working with relevant partners to bring you more parking offers and deals, so you can continue to save money even when free parking isn’t available.

March 10, 2021
September 17, 2021

Increase in Traffic

Since our inception in August 2020, we have grown this website to over 50,000 monthly visitors, helping more people find free parking spots across the UK.

September 17, 2021
July 12, 2023

Growing our Readership

By Summer 2023, we had over 90,000 monthly page views, making Free Parking Spots one of the most credible sources for finding free parking.

July 12, 2023

How I find free parking spots

As someone who grew up frugal, i’ve always looked for ways to save money and i’ve noticed over the years that parking charges have gone through the roof, especially in large cities that are popular with tourists.

I’m more than happy to compromise on parking right in the city centre for a short walk to a free parking spot, so this makes things easier.

On the most part, I find my free parking spots when visiting new places – I note down the location or drop a pin on my Google Maps app. Of course, things can change year on year, so I tend to keep this updated with the use of Google Maps to double check that these streets still offer free parking.

A lot of the time, council websites are also good for clarifying whether free parking is available, specifically in council run car parks or on-street parking bays.

Why use free parking spots?

Visiting new places can be fraught with worry and one of the biggest problems is often where to park. If you live near a town or city, you usually know the streets like the back of your hand, but driving in a completely new place can be quite stressful.

I have also listed some of the most popular attractions, bars, restaurants and hotels near popular towns and cities across the UK, allowing you to completely plan your trip before you go. Not only this, you can book tickets to these attractions directly from our dedicated partner page, which offer you the best advance pricing, so you aren’t stung by on-the-day ticket prices.

Towns and cities across the UK

There are 990 towns in the United Kingdom and around 70 cities that I aim to find free parking spots for, to help you save money and help the local businesses drive traffic to their stores.

When I find a free parking spot, I add these to the Free Parking Map which allows you to find a spot and then use Google Maps to direct you there.

I’m here to help find you suitable free parking, but quite often, roads can be made into restricted zones, so if you notice an error, please get in touch so I can rectify it quickly.

Who I work with

I often have links within my helpful guides which are affiliate links to some of the partners I work with who offer discounted parking for longer periods of time such as monthly parking or airport parking.

If you happen to make a purchase through one of these links, I will receive a commission but there will be no additional cost to you. This allows me to keep the website running and finding more free parking spots for everyone to use.

I only use affiliate links for services I use myself, so you can be confident that the booking provider is legitimate. These partners include:

You may notice, we also run ads on our website. This is to generate income to keep this blog going and to provide a helpful resource to everyone.

If you have found this website helpful and we have saved you money along the way, you can buy me a coffee – I appreciate every donation and it helps keep the website live!

Information was last updated on October 12th, 2023