Free Parking in Keswick

If you are visiting Keswick, either for a day walking or to visit the beautiful town centre, you can find a free parking spot in Keswick without restrictions before you set off for a stress free trip.

What you can find in this guide

  • What to know about free parking in Keswick
  • Where to park for free in Keswick
  • Free council car parks
  • Free street parking in Keswick
  • Cheap parking options in Keswick
  • Free overnight parking in Keswick
  • Disabled parking in Keswick
  • Motorcycle parking in Keswick
  • Free disabled parking in Keswick
  • Free coach parking in Keswick
  • Motorhome parking in Keswick
  • Residents parking in Keswick

What to know about parking free in Keswick

When parking, ensure you park your vehicle considerately:

  • Ensure you don’t block any driveways
  • Park across one bay only
  • Don’t double park
  • Look out for newly installed parking signs

Here are our list of available free parking in Keswick, whether you need just a couple of hours, or a few days.

Where to park for free in Keswick

You can park for free in Keswick on the following streets near to the town centre:

  • Helvellyn Street
  • Leonard Street
  • Southey Street
  • Blencathra Street
  • Wordsworth Street
  • Greta Street
  • Stanger Street
  • Windebrowe Avenue
  • Crossthwaite Road (near junction with Brundholme Road)
  • Brundholme Road (best for walkers)

Free car parks in Keswick

You can park for free in Keswick at any of the recommended free parking spots, but unfortunately council run car parks are not free, however they do have a minimal £1 charge between 7pm and 7am, so ideal for those holidaying in the town. These car parks are close to the town centre and popular amenities. Car parks include:

Car ParkAddress£1 Parking
Bell Close Car ParkCA12 5JY7pm – 7am
Otley Road Car ParkCA12 4LE7pm – 7am
Central Car ParkCA12 5DP7pm – 7am
Lakeside Car ParkCA12 5DJ7pm – 7am
Derwent Car ParkCA12 5NG7pm – 7am

Free on-street parking in Keswick

You can park for free at disc zone on-street locations in Keswick between 6pm and 8am. These locations are close to the town centre and other popular attractions. These on-street parking locations include:

  • Station Street
  • The Headlands
  • Station Road

Cheap Parking in Keswick

Whilst there are plenty of free parking options, you may feel more comfortable parking somewhere with added security, especially if you are leaving your car for a longer period of time. Luckily, there are other options, such as booking private car parking spaces in and around Keswick from as little as just £3 per day, which can reduce the cost drastically, particularly if you are looking for monthly parking.

Free overnight parking in Keswick

Parking is free in Keswick from between 6pm and 8am in disc zone areas. These streets are close to the town centre but also close to hotels and bed & breakfast accommodation. These streets include:

  • Station Street
  • The Headlands
  • Station Road

If you’d rather use a secure car park, you can take advantage of the £1 overnight parking fee which is available in the towns long stay car parks including:

Car ParkAddress
Otley Road Car ParkCA12 4LE
Central Car ParkCA12 5DP
Lakeside Car ParkCA12 5DJ
Derwent Car ParkCA12 5NG

Disabled parking in Keswick

If you are a Blue Badge holder, you can park for free for up to 3 hours at any of the towns long stay council run car parks. These car parks include:

Car ParkAddressFree Parking
Otley Road Car ParkCA12 4LE3 Hours
Central Car ParkCA12 5DP3 Hours
Lakeside Car ParkCA12 5DJ3 Hours
Derwent Car ParkCA12 5NG3 Hours

Coach parking in Keswick

If you are travelling to Keswick by coach, coaches can park in Lakeside car park that has 4 dedicated coach bays but charges do apply all day, with a £1 charge between 7pm and 7am.

Car ParkAddressCoach Bays
Lakeside Car ParkCA12 5DJ4

Motorhome parking in Keswick

Residential streets in Keswick are quite narrow and not really equipped for motorhomes or large vehicles, but the most suitable free parking spot for motorhomes would be Crossthwaite Road near the junction with Brundholme Road as the road here is much wider.

Motorhomes are permitted to park in council run car parks providing they pay for all spaces they take up. Alternatively, motorhomes can park all day for £6 at Crosthwaite Road Car Park, CA12 5PP.

Residential parking permits in Keswick

If you are a resident living in one of Keswick permit parking areas, you can apply for a residents parking permit. You will need to provide proof of address when applying.

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