Free Parking in Newcastle, UK

Newcastle is a popular and bustling city in the North East of England so parking can be quite restrictive, but there most certainly are free parking options available in Newcastle without restrictions. Most free parking spots can be found on residential streets or industrial estates within walking distance of Newcastle.

What you can find in this guide

  • What to know about free parking in Newcastle
  • Where to park for free in Newcastle
  • Free parking near Newcastle Train Station
  • Free parking near Northumbria University
  • Free parking near St James’ Park
  • Cheap parking options in Newcastle
  • Free council car parks
  • Free on-street parking in Newcastle
  • Free overnight parking in Newcastle
  • Coach parking in Newcastle
  • Residents parking in Newcastle
  • About Newcastle

What to know about parking free in Newcastle

When parking, please be considerate of others:

  • Ensure you don’t block any driveways
  • Tuck your car as close to the kerb as possible.
  • Don’t double park as you may be parked on a bus route

Here are our list of available free parking in Newcastle, whether you need just a couple of hours, or a few days. Click on the maps below and the location will open in Google Maps.

Where to Park for Free in Newcastle, UK

You can park for free in Newcastle on the following streets near to the city centre:

  • Summerhill Grove
  • Croydon Road
  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Walter Terrace
Free Parking Newcastle
Summerhill Grove, 0.9 Miles

For a safe and secure free parking spot in Newcastle, Summerhill Grove is around a 20 minute walk to Eldon Square, where all of the main shops and restaurants are located.

Free Parking near Newcastle Train Station

If you are travelling by train out of Newcastle, you might want to save money by finding a free parking spot before you travel. The following streets offer free parking near to Newcastle Train Station:

  • Summerhill Grove
  • Croydon Road
  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Walter Terrace

Newcastle train station is located centrally in the city so parking around the station can become costly, especially if you are heading out of the city for a few days.

The train station has great public transport links, so you can jump on the bus from your free parking spot which will take you right to the train station to save you the walk.

Free Parking near Northumbria University

If you are visiting loved ones at Northumbria University, you can use the following free parking spots to avoid paying parking charges at the university:

  • Summerhill Grove
  • Croydon Road
  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Walter Terrace

These free parking spots around Newcastle are unrestricted, so you don’t have to keep clock watching during your visit.

Free Parking near St James’ Park

St James’ Park is home to Newcastle United Football Club and during the football season, is a hub of activity. If you are visiting to watch the game, we recommend finding a free parking spot nearby, to avoid getting stuck in match day traffic. You can park for free near St James’ Park on the following streets:

  • Summerhill Grove
  • Croydon Road
  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Walter Terrace

Cheap Parking in Newcastle City Centre

If you don’t want to leave your car at one of our suggested free parking spots, there is cheap parking in Newcastle and these spaces are available to book in advance.

Free Car Parks around Newcastle

The following multi-storey car parks in Newcastle offer free parking after 5pm Mon-Fri and after 6pm on a Sunday:

  • Eldon Garden Car Park
  • Eldon Square Car Park
  • Grainger Town Car Park
  • Dean Street Car Park

Vehicles parked and clearly displaying a valid blue badge in the correct manner can park free of charge in all Newcastle City Council operated car parks in disabled bays and pay-and-display bays. 

Car ParkAddressSpacesFree Parking
Eldon Garden Car ParkPercy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RT445Mon – Fri: 5pm – 8am, Sunday: 6pm – 8am
Eldon Square Car ParkPercy Street, NE1 7RZ497Mon – Fri: 5pm – 8am, Sunday: 6pm – 8am
Grainger Town Car ParkWaterloo Square, NE1 4DP401Mon – Fri: 5pm – 8am, Sunday: 6pm – 8am
Dean Street Car ParkDean Street, NE1 1PG247Mon – Fri: 5pm – 8am, Sunday: 6pm – 8am

Free on-street parking Newcastle

If you’d prefer to use an on-street parking spot rather than a car park, the following streets offer free parking between 6.30pm and 8am:

  • Blandford Square
  • Carliol Square
  • Dean Street
  • Elmfield Road
  • Gibson Street
  • Henry Street
Car ParkSpacesFree Parking
Blandford Square326.30pm – 8am
Carliol Square556.30pm – 8am
Dean Street286.30pm – 8am
Elmfield Road196.30pm – 8am
Gibson Street456.30pm – 8am
Henry Street226.30pm – 8am

Overnight parking in Newcastle

It’s recommended you park your Motorhome or Caravan in a safe place in Newcastle, so Newcastle Council recommend that you contact the Parking Enforcement Supervisors in the first instance on 0191 277 2739 to discuss the size of the vehicle to be parked and the area that you would like to park it in.

Parking for larger vehicles is also available on Ord Street.

Coach parking in Newcastle

The most popular coach car park is Ord Street, which offers spaces for HGV’s and coaches. The car park is central so great for dropping passengers and parking safetly.

Residential parking in Newcastle

If you are a resident in Newcastle and live in a restricted parking zone, you can apply for a residents parking permit.

The first parking permit costs £25 for the year. There are discounts available, for example if your vehicle is low emissions. 

You will need to provide proof of address, proof of vehicle and a utility bill.

About Newcastle, Tyne & Wear

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a true metropolitan city in the North East of England. It’s home to world class shops, restaurants, a university and cultural museums. 

Newcastle has something for everyone, from those wanting to enjoy a day of retail therapy to those wanting to sample the sights. 

If you plan on visiting Newcastle for a day or a long weekend, you can sample some of the live music or theatre shows after enjoying a delicious meal at one of the cities tasty restaurants.

There are excellent transport links in and out of Newcastle, with a direct train line to London and Edinburgh, so it’s incredible accessible for everyone.

If you are travelling out of the country for a few days, why not see what free parking is available near Newcastle Airport?

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