Free Parking in Winchester, UK

Winchester is a cathedral city located just north of Southampton on the South Coast. If you are visiting for the day or even a few days, there is free parking in Winchester without restrictions.

What you can find in this guide

  • What to know about free parking in Winchester
  • Where to park for free in Winchester
  • Cheap parking options in Winchester
  • Free council car parks
  • Free on-street parking in Winchester
  • Winchester Park & Ride sites
  • Free overnight parking in Winchester
  • Coach parking in Winchester
  • Free Motorcycle parking in Winchester
  • Motorhome parking in Winchester
  • Residents parking in Winchester
  • About Winchester

What to know about parking free in Winchester

When parking, please take into consideration:

  • Be considerate – most free parking is on residential streets, so do not block driveways or exit routes
  • Ensure there is enough space for larger vehicles to pass, especially if you park in a residential area

Here are our list of available free parking in Winchester, so if you are here on holiday, you can save money by finding a free parking spot.

Where to Park for Free in Winchester

You can park for free in Winchester on the following streets near to the town centre:

  • Monks Road
  • Lynford Avenue
  • St Stephen’s Road
  • Silverwood Mews

You can expect a 15-20 minute walk to your free parking spots or you could jump on the regular bus service that heads into the town centre.

Cheap Parking in Winchester

If you don’t want to leave your car at one of our suggested free parking spots, there is cheap parking available in Winchester from just £2 per day and these spaces are available to book in advance.

Free car parks in Winchester

Parking is free in Winchester on Sundays and after 6pm Mon – Friday at the following car parks:

  • Chesil Multi Storey Car Park
  • River Park Leisure Centre Car Park
  • Cattle Market Car park
  • Hillier Way Car Park

Chesil Multi Storey is the closest car park to Winchester city centre with just 14 minute walk.

Car ParkAddressSpacesFree Parking
Chesil Multi Storey Car ParkBarfield Close, Winchester, SO23 0HU6166pm – 9am and Sundays
River Park Leisure Centre Car Park15 Gordon Road, Winchester, SO23 7DE1746pm – 9am and Sundays
Cattle Market Car ParkWorthy Lane, Winchester, SO23 7AB2026pm – 9am and Sundays
Hillier Way Car ParkHillier Way, Winchester, SO23 7SU296pm – 9am and Sundays

Free on-street parking in Winchester

If you would prefer to park in an on-street parking bay close to Winchester city centre, there are plenty of free parking options available:

StreetFree Parking
Andover RoadFirst 30 minutes, all day Sunday and after 6pm Mon – Sat
Colebrook StreetFirst 30 minutes, all day Sunday and after 6pm Mon – Sat
Market LaneFirst 30 minutes, all day Sunday and after 6pm Mon – Sat
Parchment StreetFirst 30 minutes, all day Sunday and after 6pm Mon – Sat
St Peter StreetFirst 30 minutes, all day Sunday and after 6pm Mon – Sat

Winchester Park & Ride Sites

Winchester has four park and ride sites that offer reduced parking charges and allow you to get into the city centre without having to battle the traffic, particularly at rush hour. The four sites are located conveniently around the city so there is a park and ride site no matter which direction to come from. Parking is capped at £3.50 at each of these sites (free after 4pm at Barfield and St Catherines). Note that there is no park and ride service on a Sunday or Bank Holiday.

Park and Ride SiteAddressSpaces
East Winchester (Barfield)Barfield Close, SO23 9SQ195
East Winchester (St Catherines)Garnier Road, SO23 9NP583
South WinchesterAccess via M3 Junction 11884
PittRomsey Road, SO22 5PR199

Free overnight parking in Winchester

If you are parking in Winchester after 6pm, you can park for free at the following on-street parking locations, providing you return to your car by 9am the following day to prevent a parking charge:

StreetFree Parking
Andover Road6pm – 9am
Colebrook Street6pm – 9am
Market Lane6pm – 9am
Parchment Street6pm – 9am
St Peter Street6pm – 9am

Coach parking in Winchester

Coaches visiting Winchester may park at Worthy Lane coach park (SO23 7AB), which is free on Sundays and after 6pm daily. Whilst this car park is not free outside of these times, it is cheap at just 80p per hour.

If you are just looking to drop off/ pick-up passengers, you can use Broadway by King Alfred’s statue and Sussex Street which both have a 20 minute limit.

Free Motorcycle parking in Winchester

Winchester has plenty of free motorcycle parking in and around the city centre. When you park your motorcycle, you must park in a dedicated motorcycle bay otherwise you’ll be required to purchase a parking ticket:

  • Chesil Street Multi Storey
  • Colebrook Street
  • Cossack Lane
  • Friarsgate Multi Storey
  • Gladstone Street
  • Guildhall Yard (Public parking on Saturdays only)
  • Jewry Street
  • Middle Brook Street
  • River Park Leisure Centre
  • The Brooks (Area is situated outside of the car park on the ground level, off Friarsgate)
  • Tower Street Multi Storey

Free Motorhome parking in Winchester

Motorhomes may park at any of the free parking spots we recommend around Winchester, providing your vehicle can sit comfortably on the street, without obstructing any access points or access to emergency services.

Alternatively, you can park at Worthy Lane coach park (SO23 7AB) which is free on Sundays and after 6pm Mon – Fri, and just 80p per hour outside of these times.

Permit parking in Winchester

If you are a resident of a restricted parking zone in Winchester, you can apply for a residents parking permit, which allows you to park your car on any street in that zone.

Residents permits cost around £30 for 12 months. In order to apply for a permit, you will need proof of residence and proof of vehicle.

You can also purchase visitor passes which cost around £13 for 10.

About Winchester

Winchester is a cathedral city that is steeped in history and culture, including Winchester Cathedral, which stands proudly in the city centre and Winchester City Mill which is thought to be one of the oldest working watermills in the UK.

If you’re visiting the city as a family, there’s plenty of attractions to explore, including Winchester Science Centre and Marwell Zoo, both suitable for children of all ages.

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