Parking apps that will save you money and time in 2024

Paying for parking is one of those things we all hate doing, so why not at least try and save money by using one of the best apps on the market, designed to save you money on parking charges.

Whether you pay to park close to your place of work or you are heading away on holiday and want to leave your car in a secure car park, make sure you follow these money saving tips below.

Parking Apps for Saving Money

1. Your Parking Space

Your Parking Space seems to have the most parking options available across the apps, from residents driveways to secure car parks, all near points of interest.

Your Parking Space app

Having used this app, I found it very easy to search, reserve and pay for parking. In most cases, you will be given all details and any necessary access codes when you book your parking spot.

I booked through this app in May 2022 during a visit to Glasgow. The hotel I stayed at were charging around £22 for 24 hours of parking, whereas I managed to find a secure, barriered car park just a 7 minute walk from the hotel for just £3.50!

2. JustPark

JustPark is one of the UK’s most popular parking apps that allows you to search for cheap parking spots in popular towns and cities as well as airports, stadiums and train stations.

Having used this app once before, there aren’t as many parking options available, but the app is intuitive and booking is made easy.

JustPark App

The usual listings are driveways rented out by local residents and car parks owned by local businesses who have space spaces.

You can narrow your search down to parking spots with electric charge points, CCTV and lighting. There is also the option to search for cheap parking hourly or monthly, depending on your requirements.

3. NCP

NCP car parks are often conveniently located close to city centres and sometimes airports, making them ideal for those who want to park in a secure car park, close to their destination.

Some of the benefits of using the NCP app are that you can purchase a season ticket, which reduces the amount you pay per day, when compared with buying a parking ticket each visit.


You can also sign up for the NCP ParkPass app, which offers you special pricing when compared to on-the-day pricing

4. Holiday Extras

If you’re heading off on holiday, it might be the most convenient option to drive to the airport, rather than get the train or bus.

If you do decide to drive to the airport, you will need to arrange airport parking, which can become costly if you don’t pre-book.

Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras allows you to put in your dates and compare airport parking, airport hotels and port parking so you are ready for your trip.

Parking Apps for Saving Time

Time is often just as precious as money, especially when we commute into work or find ourselves rushing about during the weekend.

There’s plenty of apps that are designed to make car parking easier and more stress free, simply by using your smartphone instead of queuing at a parking meter.

1. RingGo

RingGo is great for those, who like me, don’t carry cash around regularly. When you plan a day out, remembering to bring change to pay for parking is one of those things that should have been eliminated years ago.

Whilst card payments are becoming more prevalent across public car parks, they are not installed in all.

RingGo allows you to pay for parking, simply by entering your location (most car parks will have a RingGo code), tapping in your registration details and selecting how long you wish to stay.

You can pre set your registration and payment details so you don’t need to input these each and every time you park.

2. PaybyPhone

PaybyPhone is appearing more in car parks across the UK. This service used to be a way where you could call a number located at the car park and pay over the phone, but they now have a handy smartphone app instead.

Similar to how RingGo works, you can select your location, enter your registration details and pay for your parking, all whilst in the comfort of your own car.

One of the great benefits of PaybyPhone is you can download VAT receipts should you need to submit these for work purposes.


Some public car parks are now owned by APCOA, which means you will need t use the smartphone app to pay for your parking.

Using the app, you will be able to purchase hourly parking or season tickets as well as pre-book parking at railway stations, airports and city centre locations around the UK.

You will also have the opportunity to register for APCOA Rewards, which offers discounts on local services and online stores.