Free Parking in Scarborough

Free Parking in Scarborough

Scarborough is one of the most visited seaside towns in the North of England, so public car parks can charge a premium. You’ll be pleased to know that there are free parking spots available around Scarborough without restrictions.

The free parking spots recommended here are ideal for jumping on the Cleveland Way trail as well as visiting some of the popular attractions such as South Bay, SEA Life Centre and the Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

8 places to park for free in Scarborough (2024)

You can park for free in Scarborough in 2024 on the following streets:

Sea Cliff Road
Northstead Manor Drive
Holbeck Road (North)
Weaponness Park
Granville Road
Lonsdale Road

You can expect a 15-20 minute walk to your free parking spots or you could jump on the regular bus service that heads into the town centre.

You should always check for any newly installed restriction signs before leaving your car.

What to consider when parking free in Scarborough

When parking, please take into consideration:

  • Be considerate – most free parking is on residential streets, so do not block driveways or exit routes
  • If you are parking for an event, give yourself plenty of time to get there as spaces will fill up quickly.
  • Scarborough can be quite hilly, so wear good shoes for the walk down to the front.

Whether you are a local or you are here on holiday, you can save money by finding a free parking spot.

Free parking near Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle has minimal parking so finding a free parking spot before you visit is important.

There is a car park close to the entrance (around a 2 minute walk away) called St Mary’s Car Park, however this is pay and display. It can also get full quickly in the peak season.

You can park for free near Scarborough Castle on the following streets:

  • Northstead Manor Drive
Scarborough Castle

Free parking near Scarborough Seafront

If you are visiting one of the popular beaches in Scarborough, you can park for free near to Scarborough North Bay and Scarborough South Bay on the following streets:

  • Sea Cliff Road (North Bay)
  • Northstead Manor Drive (South Bay)
  • Weaponess Park
Scarborough Seafront

If you’re staying in one of the popular hotels in Scarborough such as The Grand Hotel or The Royal Hotel, we recommend using Sea Cliff Road or Belvedere Road which are both within a 10-15 minute walk. You can then easily access South Bay from either of these hotels.

Free parking near Scarborough Open Air Theatre

If you are heading to Scarborough Open Air Theatre to attend a concert, you might find the closest car parks fill up quickly as they don’t have the capacity that the venue has.

By finding a free parking spot just a short walk from the open air theatre, it often means you can get back on the road quicker as you don’t have as much traffic to content with.

You can park for free near to Scarborough Open Air Theatre on the following streets nearby:

  • Northstead Manor Drive

It’s recommended you get here early as concert nights can get quite busy around this area.

The best option is to park up, head into Scarborough for a bite to eat and you have a better chance of securing a free parking spot.

Free parking near Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park is a beautiful tranquil area of Scarborough, with a large boating lake, winding paths around the streams and an oriental garden located on the island in the centre of the lake.

Peasholm Park, Scarborough

There’s plenty of squirrels and other wildlife to see as well as free toilets and refreshment areas. You can park for free near Peasholm Park on the following streets which are less than a 2 minute walk:

  • Northstead Manor Drive

Free Parking near The Sands Scarborough

The Sands in Scarborough are located on North Bay, overlooking the North Sea. For free parking nearby, use:

  • Northstead Manor Drive

You can expect a 5 minute walk from your free parking spot.

Free car parks in Scarborough

You can park for free in Scarborough at Sea Cliff Road car park which offers up to 3 hours of parking free of charge. Sea Cliff Road car park is close to Scarborough South Bay (around a 15 minute walk) so ideal for a short visit to the beach.

If you prefer to park in a secure car park close to Scarborough town centre, you can park for free after 6pm at all council run car parks in Scarborough as well as on Marine Drive.

There are car parks close to all of the amenities, including North Bay, South Bay, Scarborough Spa and Scarborough Castle, so you never have to walk too far to your chosen car park.

These car parks include:

Car ParkAddressSpacesFree ParkingMotorhome Parking
Albion Road Car ParkAlbion Road, Scarborough, YO11 2BT636pm – 9amNo
Eastborough Car ParkEastborough, Scarborough, YO11 1NH406pm – 9amNo
Friar’s Way Car ParkFriars Way, Scarborough, YO11 1HN746pm – 9amNo
North Terrace Car ParkNorth Terrace, Scarborough, YO11 1HU146pm – 9amNo
Marine DriveMarine Drive, Scarborough, YO11 1PG3646pm – 9amNo
Sea Cliff Road Car ParkSea Cliff Road, Scarborough, YO11 2XU82All Day (3 hours max)No

There are some long stay car parks in Scarborough that offer 24 hour parking, including Albion Road Car Park, Eastborough Car Park, Friar’s Way Car Park and North Terrace Car Park.

This allows you to take advantage of the free overnight parking and just pay the charges during the daytime.

Free on-street parking in Scarborough

If you prefer to use on-street parking when visiting Scarborough, you can park for free in the disc zones after 5pm daily, before 9am Monday to Saturday and before 12pm on a Sunday.

Free parking is available during these times on the following streets:

  • Prince of Wales Terrace
  • Montpellier Terrace
  • Esplanade Gardens
  • North Marine Road
  • Queen’s Parade
  • Victoria Park
  • Peasholm Drive

Free motorcycle parking in Scarborough

If you are visiting Scarborough by motorcycle or moped, you might want to plan where you are going to park. The following car parks have dedicated motorcycle parking bays that are free of charge:

  • St Nicolas Cliff
  • Sandside
  • Marine Drive
  • North Street Car Park
  • West Pier Car Park
  • Castle Road Car Park
  • St Thomas Street Upper Car Park

Motorcycles must not park in disabled bays or on yellow lines if using street parking.

Free Motorhome parking in Scarborough

During the evening, after 6pm, Motorhomes can park for free along Royal Albert Drive near to North Bay in Scarborough as there are larger bays suitable of accommodating a Motorhome or Campervan.

It is not permitted for travellers to sleep in their Motorhome overnight. If you are parking up during the day, standard parking charges will apply.

Cheapest all-day parking in Scarborough

We found the cheapest car park in Scarborough to be Sainsbury’s car park, which you can book even if you are not a customer – but it must be pre-booked.

You book this car park all day (9am – 5pm) for just £4, so it’s a great option for commuters or those visiting Scarborough for the full day.

Cheapest monthly parking in Scarborough

We found the cheapest car park for monthly parking in Scarborough to be Sainsbury’s car park, which costs £40 per month, making it ideal for commuters.

You can use this car park 7 days a week, including overnight, and leave and re-enter the car park as many times as you need to, although this must be pre-booked.

Scarborough Park & Ride Sites

Park & Ride is a great way to park for free during your trip to Scarborough, without having to contend with traffic.

Scarborough has two park & ride sites with buses running every 15 minutes so you can be in Scarborough inside 20 minutes.

Park and Ride SiteAddressSpacesUse For
Filey Road Park & RideA165, Scarborough, YO11 3JY600Scarborough Train Station, Scarborough Town Centre, South Bay
Seamer Road Park & RideSeamer Road, Scarborough YO12 4LW600Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Train Station, South Bay, North Bay

Scarborough Park & Ride Bus Ticket Prices

Ticket TypePrice
Adult Day£3.00
2 x Adults£5.50
P&R and Beachcomber (Adult)£7.50
P&R and Beachcomber (Group of 4)£17.00

Overnight parking in Scarborough

Parking is free of charge in Scarborough run council car parks after 6pm daily. Free overnight parking is available between 6pm and 9am at the following car parks:

Car ParkAddressSpacesFree Parking
Albion Road Car ParkAlbion Road, Scarborough, YO11 2BT636pm – 9am
Eastborough Car ParkEastborough, Scarborough, YO11 1NH406pm – 9am
Friar’s Way Car ParkFriars Way, Scarborough, YO11 1HN746pm – 9am
North Terrace Car ParkNorth Terrace, Scarborough, YO11 1HU146pm – 9am
Marine DriveMarine Drive, Scarborough, YO11 1PG3646pm – 9am
Sea Cliff Road Car ParkSea Cliff Road, Scarborough, YO11 2XU82All Day (3 hours max)

Marine Drive has spaces suitable for motorhomes but overnight parking (between 11pm and 7am) is not permitted.

Coach parking in Scarborough

As Scarborough is a tourist town, there are ample car parks that are suitable for coach parking:

  • Scalby Mills Car Park
  • William Street Car Park

Parking is not free, but you can expect to pay a charge of around £10 for 24 hours parking.

Permit parking in Scarborough

If you are a resident of a disc zone in Scarborough, you can apply for a residents parking permit, entitling you to park your car on any street in that zone. 

Residents permits cost around £30 for 12 months. In order to apply for a permit, you will need proof of residence and proof of vehicle.

About Scarborough, Yorkshire

Scarborough is one of North Yorkshire’s most popular seaside towns. Packed with nostalgia, Scarborough has an abundance of amusements, ice cream parlours and fish & chip shops to keep the family amused.

Parking can become expensive if you are visiting Scarborough for the full day, or even longer so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and find a free parking spot. Note that some council car parks in Scarborough offer free parking after 6pm anyway.

Whilst Scarborough is often known for its amusement parks and donkey rides, there is in fact so much more to Scarborough than meets the eye.

It offers a corridor into the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park, a truly idyllic area of the country, packed with stunning natural beauty and walks a plenty. If you are visiting for a break, you can also visit other seaside towns on the coast, including Whitby and Bridlington.

Scarborough is also one of the most easily accessible places to join the popular Cleveland Way trail, which starts in the beautiful market town of Helmsley and ending in Filey, just 10 miles from Scarborough itself.

If you’re planning on hopping on the Cleveland Way trail, we recommend finding a free parking spot first, so you aren’t worrying about parking fees.

For those looking for a day out with the family, there is the Sea Life Centre, offering fun for all ages, as well as Peasholm Park, which features an oriental garden, lake and boating activities.

During the Summer months, the Scarborough Open Air Theatre welcomes hundreds of people to weekly or monthly concerts and was re-opened by none other than The Queen back in 2010.

Let’s not forget about Scarborough Castle. With stunning views out to sea and steeped in history, Scarborough Castle is one of the towns most visited attractions. Whether you are a keen historian or want a fun filled family day out with a bit of culture, Scarborough Castle will not disappoint.

What is there to do in Scarborough

There is plenty of family friendly activities to do in Scarborough such as SEA Life Centre, Scarborough Castle, Alpamare Waterpark and plenty of amusements.

Use our helpful attraction finder to buy tickets in advance and save money.

Where to eat in Scarborough?

Scarborough has plenty of options to eat out, from family friendly restaurants to quick and easy Fish & Chip takeaways.

There are a range of local restaurants offering worldwide cuisine or the popular high street chains such as Ask Italian, Pizza Hut and Pizza Express.

Are council car parks free in Scarborough

Council car parks are all free after 6pm so if you are visiting later in the day, you can grab a parking spot near to the amenities without worrying about expensive charges. Marine Drive also has a large number of parking spots, all free after 6pm so if you just fancy an evening stroll, take advantage of these spots. 

Other towns and cities nearby

If you’re visiting the area for a short trip or just looking for things to do nearby, you can explore these towns and cities that are near to Scarborough:

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