Free Parking in Oxford, UK

If you are familiar with Oxford, you will know that parking, and most definitely free parking in Oxford can be difficult due to the restrictions, so we show you the best options for free parking in Oxford without restrictions.

What you can find in this guide

  • What to know about free parking in Oxford
  • Where to park for free in Oxford
  • Free parking near Oxford University
  • Free parking near Oxford Castle
  • Free council car parks
  • Cheap parking options in Oxford
  • Park and ride sites in Oxford
  • Free overnight parking in Oxford
  • Coach parking in Oxford
  • Residents parking in Oxford
  • About Oxford

What to know about parking free in Oxford

When parking, please be considerate of others:

  • Ensure you don’t block any driveways
  • Tuck your car as close to the kerb as possible.
  • Don’t double park as you may be parked on a bus route

Here are our list of available free parking in Oxford, whether you need just a couple of hours, or a few days.

Where to Park for Free in Oxford, UK

You can park for free in Oxford on the following streets near to the city centre:

  • Sunningwell Road
  • Lincoln Road
  • Norreys Avenue
  • Vicarage Road
  • Lake Street

These free parking spots are around 1 mile away from Oxford city centre, so you can expect a 20 minute walk, or you can hop on the local bus service which runs regularly.

Free Parking near Oxford University

Oxford University is one of the most prestigious and well known across the world. If you’re visiting, you can use any of the free parking spots here:

  • Sunningwell Road
  • Lincoln Road
  • Norreys Avenue
  • Vicarage Road
  • Lake Street

The University grounds are spectacular and the architecture around you is worth taking your time to enjoy.

Free Parking near Oxford Castle

Oxford Castle is a fantastic place to visit, with the option to pay to climb the hill which offers fantastic views of the city. The walk should only take around 5 minutes and the route is well laid out. Remember to take your camera for a great panoramic shot over the city. You can park at any of the following free parking spots for Oxford Castle:

  • Sunningwell Road
  • Lincoln Road
  • Norreys Avenue
  • Vicarage Road
  • Lake Street

Free car parks in Oxford

There are unfortunately no free council car parks in Oxford (at any time of day), but evening tariffs are available:

  • Westgate Car Park – £3.50
  • Worcester Street Car Park – £4
  • Oxpens Car Parks – £3.50

If you want to park in a secure car park, you would be better using the Park & Ride and paying for a bus ticket.

Alternatively, there are cheaper car parks outside of the city centre:

  • Castle Car Park, Cromwell Road
  • Union Street Car Park

Cheap Parking in Oxford

Whilst there are plenty of free parking options, you may feel more comfortable parking somewhere with added security, especially if you are leaving your car for a longer period of time. Luckily, there are other options, such as booking private car parking spaces in and around Oxford from just £4 per day, which can reduce the cost drastically, particularly if you are looking for monthly parking.

Oxford Park & Ride Sites

Oxford has five park and ride sites so you can easily access the city without worrying about parking. One thing to note is that parking is not free at these park and ride sites, so they are best used when visiting Oxford for longer than just a few hours (up to 72 hours is just £12) or if you are visiting as a family (a combined parking and bus ticket for 2 adults and up to 3 children costs just £6.80).

Park and Ride SiteAddressSpacesHeight Restriction
Oxford Parkway Park & RideOX2 8HA7582.1m
Pear Tree Park & RideOX2 8JZ1,0352.3m
Redbridge Park & RideOX1 4XG1,4122.1m
Seacourt Park & RideOX2 0HP7942.2m
Thornhill Park & RideOX3 8DP1,3352.1m

Oxford Park & Ride Bus Ticket Prices

Ticket Type Price
Combined ticket (includes parking and bus travel for 2 adults and up to 3 children under 16) £6.80
Adult Single £1.90
Return £2.80
Period return (72 hours) £3.00
Two adults (same day) £4.80
Two adults (72 hour) £5.50
Child single £0.90
Child return £1.40

Free overnight parking in Oxford

Most council car parks are open 24 hours a day (evening tariff’s available), but on-street council parking is free between 10pm and 8am, so this is the best option for overnight parking. On-street parking can be found on the following streets:

  • Broad Street – OX1 3AZ
  • St Giles – OX1 3JP

Coach parking in Oxford

Coach parking is recommended at Redbridge Coach and Lorry Park (OX1 4XG). Prices up to 4 hours are £5, or you can stay for 24 hours for only £10.

If you are simply looking for coach drop-off in the city centre, you want to use:

  • St Aldates South (northbound) – just south of the Combined Court OX11TL
  • Beaumont Street (westbound) – just outside the Playhouse OX1 2LW
  • St Giles’ (northbound) – in the lay-by by the Taylorian OX1 3NA

Residential parking permits in Oxford

If you are a resident in Oxford where parking permits are required, you can apply for a residents parking permit.

In order to apply, you will need to prove you are a resident, so will be required to provide proof of address and proof of vehicle.

Prices for a one year permit is £65. Additional permits may be purchased but they do incur additional charges.

About Oxford, UK

Oxford is home to one of the world’s most famous universities, which sits comfortably within the cities stunning architecture.

Oxford is a really accessible city, with everything you need in walking distance. The main shopping area is a place to wind down and explore the quirky shops and independent boutiques.

If you’re looking to visit some of the buildings Oxford has to offer, you can expect to explore Carfax Tower, Oxford University of Natural History and of course Christ Church College.

Other towns and cities nearby

If you’re visiting the area for a short trip or just looking for things to do nearby, you can explore these towns and cities that are near to Oxford: