Free Parking in Sunderland

Sunderland is one of the largest cities in the North East, meaning that finding free parking can be difficult. See the free parking spots without restrictions we recommend when visiting Sunderland.

4 places to park for free in Sunderland (2024)

The following streets offer un-restricted FREE parking spots in Sunderland:

Panns Bank
Wallace Street
Ocean Road
Ocean Park Road

You should always check for any newly installed restriction signs before leaving your car.

What to consider when parking free in Sunderland

When parking, please be considerate of others:

  • Ensure you don’t block any driveways
  • Tuck your car as close to the kerb as possible.
  • Don’t double park as you may be parked on a bus route

Cheapest all-day parking in Sunderland

The cheapest car park in Sunderland is Sunderland Retail Park Car Park which you can pre-book to secure your space.

You can also choose to book this car park all day (9am – 5pm) for just £2, so it’s a great option for commuters or those visiting Sunderland for the full day.

Cheapest monthly parking in Sunderland

We found the cheapest car park for monthly parking in Sunderland to be Sainsbury’s Warwick car park which costs £40 per month making it ideal for commuters.

You can use this car park 7 days a week, including overnight, and leave and re-enter the car park as many times as you need to, although you must pre-book.

Free parking near Stadium of Light

There are plenty of free parking spots near the Stadium of Light in Sunderland. We recommend using Panns Bank as it’s less residential, but it requires an uphill walk to access the Wearmouth Bridge:

  • Panns Bank
  • Wallace Street

Free parking near Roker Beach

Roker Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the North East, especially among families looking for plenty of facilities.

Parking by the beach is already quite cheap at just 60p per hour, but there is still free parking near to Roker Beach:

  • St George’s Terrace
  • Park Parade
  • Featherstone Street
  • Glen Thorpe Avenue
  • Side Cliffe Road

Free car parks in Sunderland

You can park for free in Sunderland at all council car parks between 3pm and midnight, Monday to Friday as part of an initiative to get people visiting the city centre. These include:

  • St Mary’s Car Park, St Mary’s Boulevard, SR1 3AH
  • Sunniside Car Park, William Street, off High Street West, SR1 1UL
  • Boughton Street Car Park, Tunstall Road, SR1 3NH
  • Nile Street Car Park, Nile Street, Sunderland, SR1 1EY

You can park for free all day Sunday in Sunderland at the following car parks:

  • West Wear Car Park, West Wear Street, Sunderland, SR1 1XD
  • Charles Street Car Park, Charles Street, Sunderland SR1 1UZ
  • Nile Street Car Park, Nile Street,  Sunderland, SR1 1EY
  • Boughton Street Car Park, Tunstall Road, SR1 3NH
Car ParkAddressFree Parking
St Mary’s Car ParkSR1 3AH3pm – Midnight
Sunniside Car ParkSR1 1UL3pm – Midnight
Boughton Street Car ParkSR1 3NH3pm – Midnight and Sundays
Nile Street Car ParkSR1 1EY3pm – Midnight and Sundays
West Wear Car ParkSP2 0ANSundays
Charles Street Car ParkSR1 1UZSundays

Free on-street parking in Sunderland

If you would rather park in an on-street parking bay in Sunderland which is close to the local amenities and popular attractions, you can park for free on the following streets between 3pm and midnight Monday to Friday:

StreetSpacesFree Parking
Bridge Street4After 3pm (Mon to Fri)
Burdon Road13After 3pm (Mon to Fri)
Charles Street10After 3pm (Mon to Fri)
Derwent Street6After 3pm (Mon to Fri)
Foyle Street12After 3pm (Mon to Fri)
Frederick Street33After 3pm (Mon to Fri)

Free overnight parking in Sunderland

For free overnight parking in Sunderland, we recommend using one of our free parking spots or you can park for free after 6pm at the following car parks in the city: between midnight and 8am:

  • St Mary’s Car Park, St Mary’s Boulevard, SR1 3AH – 90p per hour
  • Sunniside Car Park, William Street, off High Street West, SR1 1UL – 90p per hour

Free disabled in Sunderland car parks

If you have a Blue Badge and you are looking for parking close to the centre of Sunderland, you can park for free in most council run car parks with no time limit.

When parking in these car parks, you should always display your Blue Badge:

Car ParkAddress
Boughton Street Car ParkSR1 3NH
Nile Street Car ParkSR1 1EY
West Wear Car ParkSP2 0AN
Charles Street Car ParkSR1 1UZ

Free motorcycle parking in Sunderland

Motorcycles are permitted to park free of charge in Sunderland at the following car parks when parking in designated motorcycle bays/areas:

Car ParkAddress
High Street West Car ParkSR1 1UN
Gorse Road Car ParkSP2 0AN
Charles Street Car ParkSR1 1UZ

Coach parking in Sunderland

There is a car park in Sunderland that has 2 dedicated coach parking bays, however this car park is not free and the following charges occur:

  • Marine Walk Car Park – £3 per day

Residential parking in Sunderland

If you are a resident in Sunderland where permits are required, you can apply for a residents parking permit.

In order to apply, you will need to prove you are a resident, so will be required to provide proof of address and proof of vehicle. Permits start at £545 per year for a residents parking permit depending on your zone.

Visitor parking permits can be purchased in the form of scratchcards.

About Sunderland, UK

Just 14 miles down the road from it’s much busier cousin Newcastle, Sunderland is a much quieter North East city, home to the stunning Stadium of Light.

There’s an expansive choice of shops to peruse if you’re looking for retail therapy with the Bridge’s Shopping Centre being home to some of the most popular high street names. There’s also a wide range of eateries to enjoy in and around the city.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, we recommend visiting Roker Beach, an award winning, Blue Flag beach that is popular with families.

Seaburn beach is just a short drive North and another Blue Flag beach bordering Sunderland.

In the city centre, you have the Winter Gardens and the National Glass Centre, which are ideal rainy day activities.

The city also has the biggest theatre in the North East, Sunderland Empire, which often holds comedy, arts and music events.

Other towns and cities nearby

If you’re visiting the area for a short trip or just looking for things to do nearby, you can explore these towns and cities that are near to Sunderland:

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When I visit new towns and cities, I always take note of where you can (legally) park for free, whether this be on-street parking bays or council run car parks, which offer free parking during certain hours of the day.

Although I take every effort to ensure this information is up to date and correct, if you notice an issue, please get in touch so I can rectify it for everyone.


Information was last updated on January 13th, 2024