Free Parking in Darlington

free parking Darlington

If you are visiting Darlington, you can park for free near to the city centre without restrictions.

Whether you are visiting with the family or you are heading out for a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants, parking for free is stress free and convenient.

7 places to park for free in Darlington (2024)

Darlington is one of the largest towns in County Durham, with good connections to cities in the North of England, including Durham and York.

Whether you’re heading into town for a spot of retail therapy or heading out of the town on the train, there are plenty of places you can leave your car for free in Darlington.

You can park for free in Darlington on the following streets near to the town centre:

Trinity Road
Southend Avenue
Blackwell Lane
Stanhope Road North
Stanhope Road South
Napier Street
Outram Street

What to know about parking free in Darlington

When parking, please take into consideration:

  • Be considerate – most free parking is on residential streets, so do not block driveways or exit routes
  • Don’t double park or park near to corners/bends

Free car parks in Darlington

If you are looking for free car parks in Darlington, there are plenty of options available, from free all-day parking to the first 2 hours free and free evening parking.

Free from 6pm – 8am:

Car ParkFree Parking
Abbott’s Yard Car Park6pm – 8am
Central House Car Park6pm – 8am
Commercial Street East Car Park6pm – 8am
Commercial Street West Car Park6pm – 8am
East Street Car Park6pm – 8am
Feethams Multi Storey Car Park6pm – 8am

Free on Sundays (8am – 6pm):

Car ParkSpaces
Central House Car Park35

Free street parking in Darlington

You can park for free in Darlington at on-street parking bays on Sundays and from 6pm. These locations are all close to the town centre and include:

On Street Parking AreaFree Parking
Barnard Street6pm – 8am
Beaumont Street6pm – 8am
Duke Street6pm – 8am
East Raby Street6pm – 8am
East Row6pm – 8am
Gladstone Street6pm – 8am
Grange Road6pm – 8am
Hargreave Terrace6pm – 8am
Horsemarket6pm – 8am
Kendrew Street6pm – 8am
Larchfield Street6pm – 8am
Napier Street6pm – 8am
North Lodge Terrace6pm – 8am
Northumberland Street6pm – 8am
Park Place6pm – 8am
Powlett Street6pm – 8am
Primrose Street6pm – 8am
Raby Street6pm – 8am
South Arden Street6pm – 8am
Victoria Embankment6pm – 8am
Victoria Road6pm – 8am
West Powlett Street6pm – 8am
Winston Street6pm – 8am

Free disabled parking in Darlington

You can park for free for up to 2 hours in the following council run car parks in and around Darlington, all of which have dedicated Blue Badge spaces:

Car ParkBlue Badge Spaces
Abbott’s Yard Car Park22
Archer Street Car Park2
Central House Car Park6
Commercial Street East Car Park9
Commercial Street West Car Park7
East Street Car Park4
Feethams Multi Storey Car Park33
Garden Street Car Park2
Kendrew Street East Car Park2
Kendrew Street West Car Park6
Park Lane Car Park6
Park Place East Car Park4
Park Place West Car Park6
St Hilda’s Car Park4
Town hall Blue Badge Car Park8
Winston Street North Car Park4
Winston Street South Car Park3

Free motorcycle parking in Darlington

Motorcycles can park free of charge in Darlington at council run car parks, providing they are parked in designated motorcycle bays. These car parks include:

Car Park
Abbott’s Yard Car Park
Central House Car Park
Commercial Street West Car Park
East Street Car Park
Feethams Multi Storey Car Park
Garden Street Car Park
Park Place East Car Park
St Hilda’s Car Park
Winston Street North Car Park

Permit parking in Darlington

If you are a resident of a parking zone in Darlington you can apply for a residents parking permit quickly and easily. In order to apply for a permit, you will need proof eligibility.

A residents parking permit costs around £40 per year.

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Information was last updated on January 10th, 2024