Free Parking in Watford, UK

If you are looking for free parking in Watford, either for when you go to visit family and friends or just to nip to the shops, we will show you where to park without restrictions.

What you can find in this guide

  • What to know about free parking in Watford
  • Where to park for free in Watford
  • Cheap parking options in Watford
  • Free council car parks
  • Free on-street parking in Watford
  • Free overnight parking in Watford
  • Free Motorcycle parking in Watford
  • Residents parking in Watford
  • About Watford

What to know about parking free in Watford

When parking, please take into consideration:

  • Be considerate – most free parking is on residential streets, so do not block driveways or exit routes
  • Ensure there is enough space for larger vehicles to pass, especially if you park in a residential area

Here are our list of available free parking in Watford, so if you are visiting friends or heading out for a bite to eat, you can save money by finding a free parking spot.

Where to park for free in Watford

You can park for free in Watford on the following streets near to the town centre:

  • Clive Way
  • Grange Road (outside controlled zone)
  • Hillside Road
  • Silverdale Road
  • Belmont Road
  • Woodlands Road
  • Heathfield Road
  • Bushey Grove Road
  • Belmont Road

Cheap Parking in Watford

If you don’t want to leave your car at one of our suggested free parking spots, there is cheap parking available in Watford from just £4 per day and these spaces are available to book in advance.

Free car parks in Watford

You can park for free for up to 3 hours in Watford at Central Leisure Centre which can be found at Peace Prospect, WD17 3HA and 1 hour free at Oxhey Activity Car Park located at Wiggenhall Road, WD18 0HZ.

Car ParkSpacesFree Parking
Central Leisure Centre603 Hours
Oxhey Activity Car Park351 Hour

Free on-street parking in Watford

If you would prefer to park in an on-street parking bay close to Watford centre, you can park for free on Sundays and on an evening (zone dependent) at the following on-street parking locations:

ZoneFree Parking
A10pm – 8am
B10pm – 8am
C10pm – 8am
D6.30pm – 8am
E10pm – 8am
F6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
G10pm – 8am
J6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
K6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
L6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
MN6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
NA10pm – 7am and 10am – 7pm
S6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
T6.30pm – 8am (match days affect these times)
U12pm – 10am
V2.30pm – 10.30am
W11am – 10am
X11am – 9am (weekends free)
Y12pm – 10am

Free overnight parking in Watford

You can park for free overnight in Watford between the hours of 6.30pm and 8am at the following on-street parking zones close to the town centre:

DAlexandra Road
Bedford Street
Church Road
Cole Road
Dellfield Close
Denmark Street
Elton Park
Essex Road
Lorane Court
Maiden Road
Nascot Place
Nascot Road
Nascot Street
Oaklands Court
FCannon Road
Elfrida Road
Hamilton Street
Lammas Road
Local Board Road
Murtel Avenue
Neal Street
New Road
Roberts Road
Tucker Street
JCardiff Road
Cliffton Road
Liverpool Road
St James Road
Westbury Road
KAynho Street
Banbury Street
Benskin Road
Brightwell Road
LChester Road
Durban Road East
Pretoria Road
Kensington Avenue
King’s Avenue
Prince’s Road
SBurton Avenue
Durban Road West
Park Avenue
Southsea Avenue
TBelgrave Avenue
Cassiobridge Road
Euston Avenue
Queen Mary’s Avenue
Sydney Road

Free motorcycle parking in Watford

Motorcycles are permitted to park for free in pay and display car parks in Watford. Although parking is free, a ticket must be obtained. Car parks include:

  • Avenue Car Park
  • Exchange Road
  • Gade Car Park
  • Palace Car Park
  • Sutton Car Park
  • Town Hall Car Park

Permit parking in Watford

If you are a resident of a restricted parking zone in Watford, you can apply for a residents parking permit, which allows you to park your car on any street in that zone. Residents parking permits cost from £25.

In order to apply for a permit, you will need proof of residence and proof of vehicle.

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