Parking at West Wittering Beach 2024

parking near west wittering

4 Places to park for West Wittering Beach

If you are visiting West Wittering beach, we will show you where you can park before you set off, so you know where to go and how to get there.

There are different options for parking in West Wittering depending on your itinerary, but we recommend finding a suitable parking space before you go, as West Wittering beach can become quite busy early on.

West Wittering Car Park

Using a car park that is close to West Wittering beach is one of the favoured options by many as it means you have only a short walk to the beach itself and your car is kept in a secure area.

Can you park at West Wittering beach?

There is just one car park at West Wittering beach itself and if you wish to park in this car park, you will need to pre-book parking for West Wittering beach in advance and then use your reference number in order to access the car park.

Parking for West Wittering costs from £2.40 (Mon to Fri) or £4.85 on weekends for the full day (7am – 7pm) and this will guarantee you entry to the beach, rather than being turned away when you arrive.

This is due to the local authority restricting numbers of people on the beach at any time and these restrictions are thought to be permanent.

About West Wittering Beach Car Park

West Wittering beach car park is adjacent to the beach itself, so you can easily access your car during your visit to the beach. Accessing the car park itself is easy once you reach West Wittering village, with just a short 4 minute drive down to the beach.

Because West Wittering car park works using a booking system, you can be sure that there will be parking available when you arrive, providing you book your space in advance (motorbikes are exempt from pre-booking rules).

Once you have paid for parking, you are entitled to stay as long as you want on the date you book for, so you can make a full day of it, enjoying everything West Wittering beach has to offer.

The only vehicles that are permitted to use West Wittering car park are cars, minibuses and campervans – there are no caravans, trailers, horse boxes or coaches allowed.

West Wittering Beach Car Park Address:

Beach Car Park, West Wittering, Chichester PO20 8AJ

West Wittering Beach Car Park Opening Times: 7am-8:30pm (last entry 7pm)

How much is it to park at West Wittering Beach?

SeasonParking Charge
Low Season – 1st November – 31st March
7am to 6pm – £2.40
After 3pm – £2.40
Low Season – 1st November – 31st March
Weekend and Bank Holidays
7am to 6pm – £4.85
After 3pm – £3.30
Mid Season – April and October
7am to 8.30pm – £5.50
After 3pm – £3.30
Mid Season – April and October
Weekend and Bank Holidays
7am to 8.30pm – £8.25
After 3pm – £4.50
High Season – 1st May – September 30th
7am to 8.30pm – £9.30
After 3pm – £5.50
High Season – 1st May – September 30th
Weekends and Bank Holidays
7am to 8.30pm – £10.50
After 3pm – £6.60

How to access West Wittering Beach car park

Getting to West Wittering beach car park is accessed via the village of West Wittering.

Head south of Chichester, onto Chichester bypass (A27), where the road meets Stockbridge Road. At Stockbridge roundabout, head south onto Stockbridge Road and then onto the A286 and then the B2179.

As you enter West Wittering village centre, you will see the beach is signposted. Make the right turn onto Pound Lane and you will see a red phonebox and a sign for toilets on your left which is where you will navigate the final part of the journey down to the car park.

Car Parks Within 2 Miles of West Wittering Beach

If you would rather make an impromptu visit to West Wittering, you can choose to park in one of the council run car parks but there is a 2 mile walk which you can make by walking down the beach for a much more scenic route.

The village has plenty of amenities such as toilets and shops for convenience so you can stock up on snacks before making the walk to West Wittering beach.

West Wittering Car Park, Northern Crescent

Address: West Wittering, Northern Crescent, PO20 8BD

Opening Times: Mon – Sat. 8am to 6pm

Parking Charges:

DurationParking Charge
1 HourFree
2 Hours70p
3 Hours£1.10
4 Hours£1.30
5 Hours£1.70
6 Hours£2.00
8 Hours£2.30
10 Hours£2.90

Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay

Address: Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay, Chichester PO20 8JA

Opening Times: Mon – Sun. 8am to 6pm 

Parking Charges:

DurationParking Charge
2 Hours£2.50
4 Hours£4.80
10 Hours£6.20

Marine Drive Car Park, East Wittering

Address: Marine Drive, West Wittering, Chichester PO20 8HF

Opening Times: Mon – Sun. 0800 – 1800

Parking Charges:

DurationParking Charge
2 Hours£2.50
4 Hours£4.80
10 Hours£6.20

Free Parking in West Wittering

Because West Wittering is an exclusive area, there are restrictions on quite a lot of the streets nearby West Wittering beach, but there are a few options (we recommend checking for any new restrictions when you arrive as often the local council will clamp down on free parking nearby):

Under 1 Mile Walk

  • Locksash Close
  • Summerfield Road

2 Mile Walk

  • Jolliffe Road
  • Southcoate Avenue
  • Howard Avenue

Free Parking in East Wittering

You can walk from East Wittering to West Wittering along the beach, or you can walk through the village and make your way to West Wittering that way instead.

The walk is around 2.5 miles through the village, or just under 2 miles via the beach.

  • Longlands Road
  • Shoreside Walk

About West Wittering beach

West Wittering beach is a Blue Flag rated sandy beach located just by Chichester Harbour and set in an area of outstanding beauty, so perfect for those that like stunning landscapes rather than packed beaches.

There’s a cafe on the beach, aptly named Beach Cafe, that serves both hot and cold food, so there’s no need to bring snacks, but you can if you’d rather have a picnic instead (be aware that BBQ’s are not permitted). There’s quite a lot of options on the menu including burgers, fish & chips, salads and a healthy children’s menu.

The cafe is located just a stones throw from the car park and conveniently located by the facilities.

One the beach, there are multiple blocks of toilet facilities as well as showers so if you plan on going into the sea for a swim, you can wash off before you head home.

The main part of West Wittering beach does not permit dogs to be exercised between 1st May and 31st October, however you can freely exercise dogs outside of this period.

If you wish to take part in windsurfing, there is a local club that will help you do so safely, under the supervision of trained instructors.

Motorised boats are not permitted to launch from West Wittering beach.