Free Parking in Bath, UK

If you are familiar with Bath, you will know that parking, and most definitely free parking in Bath, can be a little frustrating as cars are kept away from the centre of the town to make it easily accessible for pedestrians. We show you the best options for free parking in Bath without restrictions.

What you can find in this guide

  • What to know about free parking in Bath
  • Where to park for free in Bath
  • Free Parking near Roman Bath Spa
  • Free parking near Southgate Shopping Centre
  • Free Parking near Royal Victoria Park
  • Cheap parking options in Bath
  • Free council car parks
  • Free on-street parking in Bath
  • Bath Park and Ride sites
  • Free disabled parking in Bath
  • Free motorcycle parking in Bath
  • Motorhome parking in Bath
  • Coach parking in Bath
  • Residents parking in Bath
  • About Bath

What to know about parking free in Bath

When parking, please be considerate of others:

  • Ensure you don’t block any driveways
  • Tuck your car as close to the kerb as possible.
  • Don’t double park as you may be parked on a bus route

Here are our list of available free parking in Bath, whether you need just a couple of hours, or a few days. Click on the maps below and the location will open in Google Maps.

Where to Park for Free in Bath, UK

Parking is free on the following streets in Bath:

  • Cleveland Walk
  • Milton Avenue
  • Chaucer Road
  • Junction Road
Free Parking Bath
Cleveland Walk, 0.8 Miles

Cleveland Walk is free to park from around halfway up (Bathwick Hill end of the road is double yellow lines so drive up past these to find a free parking spot). The road is residential but quite wide.

Free Parking in Bath
Milton Avenue, 0.9 Miles

Milton Avenue is a residential street located around a 20 minute walk from the centre of Bath, so suitable for most people to comfortably walk or even jump onto one of the local bus services.

Free Parking near Roman Bath Spa

The Roman Bath Spa is an award winning and popular visitor spot in Bath and, because it’s in the centre of the town, parking is at a premium. Use one of our free parking spots when visiting Bath Spa:

  • Cleveland Walk
  • Milton Avenue
  • Chaucer Road
  • Junction Road

If you’re visiting Bath and looking to stay over, Abbey Hotel is one of the most popular and luxurious hotels close to the Roman Baths.

Free Parking near Southgate Shopping Centre Bath

Southgate Shopping Centre is one of the focal points in Bath, with big name shops such as Boux Avenue, H&M, Mac and Pandora to name just a few. There’s also a wide range of restaurants to sample, including Giraffe, Nando’s, Pizza Express and Prezzo. If you’re visiting Southgate Shopping Centre in Bath for a day of retail therapy, you might want to find a free parking spot rather than paying the charges at the on-site car park. Free parking spots near Southgate Shopping Centre are:

  • Cleveland Walk
  • Milton Avenue
  • Chaucer Road
  • Junction Road

Free Parking near Royal Victoria Park in Bath

Royal Victoria Park is a beautiful setting in the heart of bath, popular with families and those looking to get out into nature and enjoy the green space. There’s so much to do at Royal Victoria Park, with a duck pond, crazy golf area and a skate park to name just a few.

There is pay and display parking on site, but it is limited, so we recommend using one of the following free parking spots:

  • Cleveland Walk
  • Milton Avenue
  • Chaucer Road
  • Junction Road

Cheap Parking in Bath

Whilst there are plenty of free parking options, you may feel more comfortable parking somewhere with added security, especially if you are leaving your car for a longer period of time. Luckily, there are other options, such as booking private car parking spaces in and around Bath for as little as £5 per day, which can reduce the cost drastically, particularly if you are looking for monthly parking.

Free car parks in Bath

You can park for free at the following car parks in Bath between 8pm and 8am daily:

  • Broad Street Car Park
  • Avon Street Car Park
  • Charlotte Street Car Park
  • Manvers Street Car Park
Car ParkAddressSpacesFree ParkingDisabled Spaces
Broad Street Car ParkBroad Street, Bath, BA1 5LW488pm – 8am4
Avon Street Car ParkAvon Street, Bath BA1 1UF6288pm – 8am11
Charlotte Street Car ParkCharlotte Street, Bath BA1 2NE1,0568pm – 8am24
Manvers Street Car Park5A Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JZ1598pm – 8am5

Free on-street parking in Bath

On-street parking spots are close to Bath town centre and all local amenities, so are ideal if you don’t want to walk far. Bath have plenty of free on-street parking spots close to the town centre which include:

StreetAddressSpacesFree Parking
Avon StreetAvon Street, Bath, BA1 1UN207pm – 8am and Sundays
Milk StreetMilk Street, Bath, BA1 1UT87pm – 8am and Sundays
Westgate BuildingsWestgate Buildings, Bath, BA1 1EB87pm – 8am and Sundays
Chapel RowWestgate Buildings, Bath, BA1 1EB87pm – 8am and Sundays
Monmouth StreetMonmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2AN177pm – 8am and Sundays
Corn StreetCorn Street, Bath, BA1 1UP47pm – 8am and Sundays
St James’s ParadeSt James’s Parade, Bath, BA1 1UL137pm – 8am and Sundays
Somerset StreetSomerset Street, Bath, BA1 1TS97pm – 8am and Sundays
Grand ParadeGrand Parade, Bath, BA2 4DF57pm – 8am and Sundays

Free Parking at Bath Park & Ride Sites

There are three park and ride sites in and around Bath, allowing you to take advantage of free parking when you visit the town, with a site located to the North, West and South of the city, making them easily accessible for all.

If you have a large vehicle, you will want to use Landsdown park and ride as there is no height restrictions. Overnight parking is not available at any of these park and ride sites, so you should using one of our recommended free parking spots or the council run car parks which are free between 8pm and 8am.

Parking is free of charge at these park & ride sites, but you will need to purchase a bus ticket.

Park and Ride SiteAddressSpacesLocated
Lansdown Park & RideBA1 9BJ878North of Bath
Newbridge Park & RideBA1 3NB698West of Bath
Odd Down Park & RideBA2 8PA1,230South of Bath

Bath Park & Ride Bus Ticket Prices

Ticket Type Price
Adult Return (weekdays) £3.60
Adult Return (weekends) £3.10
Return for 2 adults £6.50
Bath zone group ticket (up to 5 people) £9.00
10 x single journeys £14.40

Free disabled parking in Bath

If you have a Blue Badge, you are entitled to park in the following car parks in Bath free of charge:

  • Charlotte Street Car Park
  • Avon Street Car Park
  • Manvers Street Car Park
  • Kingsmead Square Car Park
  • Broad Street Car Park
  • Bath Sports and Leisure Centre Car Park

Free motorcycle parking in Bath

If you are visiting Bath by motorcycle or moped and need a secure car park to keep your bike, you can park for free in any of the following car parks in Bath:

Short stay only

  • Bath Sports and Leisure Centre
  • Broad Street
  • Cattle Market
  • Claverton Street
  • Kingsmead Square

Short and long stay

  • Avon Street
  • Charlotte Street
  • Manvers Street

Is Motorhome parking available in Bath

Motorhomes are permitted at Charlotte Street Car Park (Charlotte Street, Bath BA1 2NE) as there is no height restriction, so suitable for vans and campervans also.

This car park is open 24 hours per day and charges only apply between 8am and 8pm, so you can park for free overnight.

If you are looking to stay for multiple days, you can purchase tickets for up to 7 days, allowing you to explore the city at your leisure.

Free coach parking in Bath

The most suitable car park for coaches in Bath is the Odd Down Park & Ride, as there are no coach car parks in central Bath.

For coach drop-offs, there is Pulteney Road (BA2 4EZ) and Royal Avenue (BA1 2NR), both of which allow 20 minutes for drop-offs, except for two bays on Pulteney Road, which allow for 90 minutes stay.

Other options are Terrace Walk (BA1 1LN), North Parade (BA2 4AL) and James Street West (BA1 2DA).

Residential parking in Bath

If you are a resident in Bath where permits are required, you can apply for a residents parking permit.

In order to apply, you will need to prove you are a resident, so will be required to provide proof of address and proof of vehicle. You can expect a cost of around £100 per year for a residents parking permit. Visitor parking permits can be purchased in the form of scratchcards.

About Bath, UK

Bath is a hugely popular spa town, offering visitors the chance to sample some of the finest restaurants, boutique shops and architecture.

There are a wide range of museums and gardens to enjoy, especially in the Summer months, as well as a host of events to suit every taste.

For avid book fans, the Jane Austen Centre offers a true deep dive into the life of one of the most loved authors.

We couldn’t talk about Bath without mentioning the famous Bath Spa, one of the most visited attractions in the town.

Other towns and cities nearby

If you’re visiting the area for a short trip or just looking for things to do nearby, you can explore these towns and cities that are near to Bath: