Parking at Bolton Abbey 2024

Parking at Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire

Bolton Abbey is a spectacular place to visit if you’re in the North Yorkshire area. With plenty of woodland, streams and walks to enjoy, it really is a full day out for everyone.

One thing to consider when planning your trip to Bolton Abbey is where you are going to park. If you are bringing children or elderly relatives with you, this might be more reason to know where you are going to park before you arrive, making it much less stressful on the day.

There are multiple options when it comes to parking at Bolton Abbey, from paid on-site car parking to free parking spots nearby.

Bolton Abbey

Free parking near Bolton Abbey

Firstly, everyone loves a freebie, so we’ll show you exactly where you can park for free near to Bolton Abbey to save on the on-site parking charges.

When parking, please take into consideration:

  • Be considerate – most free parking is on residential streets, so do not block driveways or exit routes
  • Ensure there is enough space for larger vehicles to pass, especially if you park in a residential area

Here are our list of available free parking near Bolton Abbey, so if you are just heading out for some fresh air or taking the kids to run off some steam, you can save money by finding a free parking spot before you set off.

Bolton Abbey Estate

Where to park for free near Bolton Abbey

The following locations offer FREE parking spots near Bolton Abbey:

Option 1 – Barden Tower

There is space for around 5-6 cars outside of Barden Tower, on the main road. These spaces are slightly inset from the road so you should have no worries with passing cars, making it ideal for larger vehicles.

Option 2 – Barden Bridge parking

If you would prefer to park as close as possible to the grounds of Bolton Abbey, but without paying on-site parking charges, you can park for free just over Barden Bridge, near to the Bolton Abbey car park. Again, there is limited spaces, so we recommend getting there early.

There are not painted car parking spaces so any type of vehicle can park at Barden Bridge, as long as it does not protrude into the road.

Getting here is straight forward. Simply head for the village of Barden and near to Barden Tower, you will see a turn off to the right which heads down towards the River Strid. Follow this road until you reach the bridge.

Drive all the way over the bridge and on the left you will see some free parking spaces. There’s spaces here for around 20 cars and offers easy access to the Bolton Abbey estate.

There’s usually an ice cream van where you can grab a quick refreshment for your walk. To access the estate, go back towards the bridge (don’t cross back over) and you’ll see signs for the Bolton Abbey estate walk.

Barden Bridge

Bolton Abbey On-Site Car Parks

If you don’t fancy a long walk from one of our recommended free parking spots, you can park in the on-site car park at Bolton Abbey which costs £12.50 if pre-booked or £15.00 on the day. Bolton Abbey has four car parks you can use:

Riverside Car ParkBD23 6AN
Bolton Abbey Car ParkBD23 6EX
Strid Wood Car ParkBD23 6AN
Barden Field Car ParkBD23 6AS

This is the most expensive but convenient option if you simply want to access the estate and spend your day exploring. If you are heading out of the estate to follow one of the popular walking routes, one of the free parking options might be better for you.

Bolton Abbey Car Park

Book Tickets for Bolton Abbey Car Parks

You can not only save money by pre-booking your car parking for Bolton Abbey, but also secure your space close to the estate. You don’t need to pay to enter the Bolton Abbey Estate so your parking will admit multiple people in one vehicle.

About Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is a historic estate and tourist attraction located in the Yorkshire Dales in North Yorkshire, England. The estate is owned and managed by the Devonshire family and includes the ruins of a 12th-century Augustinian monastery, as well as a range of other attractions and amenities.

The main feature of Bolton Abbey is the ruins of the monastery, which date back to 1154. The ruins are set in a picturesque location by the River Wharfe, and visitors can explore the remains of the church, cloisters, and other buildings. The estate also includes several other historic buildings, such as the 14th-century Priory Church and the Georgian Barden Tower.

In addition to the historic buildings, Bolton Abbey has a range of other attractions and activities for visitors. These include:

  • Walking trails – There are a variety of walking trails throughout the estate, ranging from easy strolls to more challenging hikes. The trails take visitors through scenic woodlands, along the river, and up to viewpoints with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Picnic areas – There are several designated picnic areas throughout the estate, with tables and benches provided.
  • Children’s playground – There is a large playground with swings, slides, and other equipment for children to enjoy.
  • Shops and cafes – There are several shops and cafes on the estate, selling souvenirs, gifts, and refreshments.
  • Events – Throughout the year, Bolton Abbey hosts a variety of events and activities, such as craft fairs, outdoor concerts, and seasonal celebrations.

Bolton Abbey is a beautiful and historic destination that offers something for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or just a relaxing day out, it’s definitely worth a visit.